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Blackboard Upgrade

Instructional Services Top 6 "Staff Picks"

Student View

The number one thing instructors have long wished for in Blackboard is the ability to view courses exactly as students see them. The Edit Mode: Off option has been available for several years, but it doesn’t give you full access to the course from a student’s perspective – for example, instructors have never been able to see the gradebook the same way that students do.

We’ve installed a third-party building block in Blackboard which allows you to see your course as students do, including My Grades (the gradebook)!

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Click the “Go To Student View” button in the top-right corner of the window
  2. While in Student View you’ll see “Demo User” in the top-right corner of the window
  3. From Student View you can see the course as your students see it, take quizzes and tests and submit assignments – plus you can click Tools, My Grades to see their view of the gradebook!
  4. Click the “Return to Teacher View” button to return to the course as an instructor – you should see your user name in place of “Demo User” in the top-right corner of the window
  5. Once you’ve accessed the Student View in your course the first time you’ll see a new ‘student’ named 'Demo User' with a unique “bb_demo_nnnnnn” Username in the Grade Center – scores for any attempted Blackboard graded items will be recorded in this row. Each demo user in each course will have a unique demo user account in the system with a unique user name

Note: Because this demo user account is not a ‘real’ account, email sent to this ‘student’ won’t be processed and instructors cannot log in to Blackboard using this account.

We’re excited about this new feature – we think you’ll find it extremely useful!

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Inline Assignment Grading

  • New features added 9/26/13!
  • Redesigned, easier-to-use Assignment grading page
  • Open student-submitted Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files directly within Blackboard - no need to download them first, grade them, and then upload them again!
  • Easily provide feedback - including adding comments, highlighting and adding drawing/annotations - directly on the submitted Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF file within Blackboard
  • Other student-submitted file types can still be downloaded and uploaded for grading as before

Note: The Assignment submission user interface has changed for students as well - if you provide an orientation to Blackboard and/or submitting an assignment for your students, be sure to update that information to reflect the changes!

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Test Enhancements - Customizable Availability Options, Better Control of Test Feedback and Test Creation Improvements

  • Instructors can make exceptions to test availability settings for individual students or groups of students without affecting all class members. Exceptions can be created for:

    • Timed tests - allow time extensions for specific students
    • Number of attempts
    • Availability of test using start and end dates
    • Auto Submit On or Off
    • Force completion On or Off

Screen shot of the new Test Availability Options

  • Control when test results and feedback display to students

    • For example: Choose After Due Date to display students' Score, All Answers, Correct, Submitted, and Feedback only AFTER the test due date has passed

Screen shot of the Test Results and Feedback options

  • Due Dates and Late Submissions: Instructors can decide whether to allow students to take tests after the due date has passed. If allowed, late submissions are clearly marked when grading

Screen shot of the new Due Date option in Test Options

  • Adding test questions to a test: Add new test questions exactly where you want them and quickly add another question of the same type without returning to the test canvas page each time

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Discussion Board Enhancements - New and Improved!

  • Post First Discussions setting - allows instructors to require students to post to a discussion before seeing other students’ posts

Screen shot of the Post First Discussion Board option

  • All posts on one page - all of the posts in a thread are now visible at the same time on one page
  • Instructor highlighting - posts made by forum managers and moderators now contain the user’s course role and forum role for easier sorting

Screen shot of the improved Discussion Board page

  • Inline replies - when replying to a post, the content editor used to write a response appears on the same page, in the context of the discussion
  • Bug Fix - forums set to be unavailable are no longer visible to students

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Retention Center

  • An instructor-only tool that enables teachers to give focused attention to students who need it
  • Instructors can use preconfigured rules or custom rules they create to visually display student's engagement and participation
  • Replaces the Early Warning System feature with easy workflows, while retaining all existing Early Warning System data and rules
  • Quickly communicate with struggling students and help them take immediate action for improvement or reward top-performing students
  • Easily monitor at-risk students

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Video Everywhere - easily add video to a course

  • Available to both instructors and students wherever the Content Editor is available
  • Record video on the fly using a webcam and upload it directly to a private YouTube channel
  • Videos can be seamlessly embedded in course materials, interactions, and feedback via a Toolbar button in the content editor

Screen shot of the Content Editor with Video Everywhere button highlighted

  • Reuse previously recorded videos by choosing from one’s own “library” of videos

Screen shot of the Video Everywhere Record/Browse dialog box

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