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Activate your Blackboard Courses (Instructors)

Courses do not appear in your Blackboard course lists until they have been activated using Blackboard Manager (Bb Manager) each semester.

Instructors listed as the instructor of record for a course in Campus Connection must use Bb Manager to activate courses. Bb Manager also allows instructors to copy content from a past semester and merge multiple sections of a course into one course while activating the course.

Courses activated using Bb Manager are processed almost instantly. After activating a course, login to Blackboard and check either My Courses or the Course List to see the course. Courses are initially set to be Unavailable to students to allow instructors to make changes before students access them. Instructors can always click on an unavailable course to open it.

Student Enrollments and Dropped Students

Student enrollments are automatically added to Blackboard courses prior to the start of classes each semester. Instructors DO NOT need to manually enroll students into Blackboard courses.

If a student drops a course in Campus Connection they are automatically made Unavailable in the Blackboard course rather than deleted, so grade histories are preserved. The course is no longer visible to that student, and the instructor can no longer see them in the Users list or the Grade Center. Instructors do not (and should not) delete students who have dropped the course.

To view a dropped student's course grades for Financial Aid verification, or to re-enroll dropped students and/or enroll non-registered students into a Blackboard course, login to the Bb Manager utility and select Course Enrollments in the left-side menu.

Note: DO NOT use the Course Enrollments tool to add other Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Course Builders or Course Graders to a course!

Instructions for using the Course Enrollments tool in Bb Manager

Master/Child (Combined) Courses

NDSU utilizes Blackboard's Master/Child functionality for combining multiple sections of a course into a Master (merged) course.

The Master course contains all course content and student enrollments for each section in one course, and grading can only be done in the Master course. Instructors do not use the Child courses for any purpose. Students see only the Master course. All students enrolled in the course see the same content, receive the same assignments and tests and have the same points possible.

The Child courses keep track of which students are in which sections and feed the rosters to the Master course. The Child courses cannot be made available to students. To avoid confusion, instructors can hide the Child courses in their own Blackboard course lists.

Instructions for using Master/Child courses.

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