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Course Enrollments

When a student drops a course in Campus Connection, they are automatically hidden from the course in Blackboard - instructors no longer need to make the course Unavailable to dropped students or delete them from their Blackboard courses:

  • Once the drop is processed, the Blackboard course is no longer available to the student, and instructors no longer see that student in the Blackboard Class Roster (Users and Groups | Users) or in the Blackboard Grade Center
  • All grade history and student work is preserved, but it won't be visible to instructors in Blackboard unless they use the Course Enrollments tool in Blackboard Manager to "add" them back in to the course
  • The dropped student's last date of activity in the course can be viewed using the Course Grades tool  in Blackboard Manager
View Date of Last Activity Using Course Grades Tool

Because students automatically are removed from a Blackboard course when they drop the course in Campus Connection, instructors can use the Course Grades Tool in Blackboard Manager to view a student's last date of activity:

  1. Open a web browser, and go to the Blackboard Manager utility
  2. Click Login in the top right corner, and then enter your NDSU electronic ID and password
  3. Click Course Grades, and then click the Course ID of the course in which the student was enrolled
  4. Find the student's name (option to use the search field), and then click to View [student name]'s grades
  5. View the Timestap information for dates of activity, including graded and submitted (graded or ungraded) work.
Manually Add/Remove Access Using Course Enrollments Tool

Student enrollments are automatically captured from Campus Connection into the appropriate Blackboard courses several times each day. In most cases, it should not be necessary for an instructor to add students to their Blackboard courses manually; however, along with using the Bb Manager utility to activate/copy and/or merge courses each semester, instructors can now also use the Course Enrollments link to:

  • Grant access to a user who was never enrolled in the class, but needs access to the course on Blackboard
  • Grant access to a student who dropped the class, but later needs access to the course on Blackboard
  • Hide and remove access from a user who was manually added to the course earlier via the Blackboard Manager utility

Instructions for Using the New Course Enrollments Tool

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