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Clickers in the Classroom

A clicker, or student response system, is a tool for active learning in the classroom through 100% student participation in question-and-answer sessions.

NDSU upgraded to TurningPoint Cloud software and the new QT Device in fall 2015.

The new software is installed in all general purpose classrooms. Students may need to purchase a new device or license. A list of clicker options for students is available online.

A list of frequently asked questions is available to clarify what these changes mean for NDSU faculty and students. Online and face-to-face training options are available to help faculty learn how to use the new software and the new QT Device.

If you have questions or are interested in using Turning Technologies clickers in your classes, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NDSU switching to the new software now?

Turning Technologies will no longer release updates, enhancements or fixes for the TurningPoint 5 software that has been used at NDSU for the past several years. NDSU is moving to TurningPoint Cloud by the start of fall 2015 to ensure faculty and students have access to the most up-to-date version of the polling software. 

Do students need to purchase a new clicker device?

Not necessarily. Additional information and purchasing options for new and existing student Turning Technologies users is available on the Student Resources page.

Can students still use their mobile phones/laptops?

Yes- ResponseWare is still available as a student response option. Students with existing ResponseWare licenses can continue to use them as before.

What are the benefits of using TurningPoint Cloud?

While TurningPoint Cloud appears similar to Turningpoint 5 additional features have been added;

  • Enhanced Security - Security additions include software login protection and encryption of participant and session data.
  • Secure Login/Accounts - A secure sign in process has been incorporated into the software, requiring participants and instructors to create Turning Accounts, which will generate unique IDs for each user.
  • Encrypted Data - Industry standard AES-128 encryption ensures that if a non-authenticated user obtains a file from the Turning Technologies database, data will not be accessible. Encrypted files require the file owner to login to view data.
  • Streamlined Registration Process - Available for both participants and instructors, Turning Accounts leverage secure, centralized management of courses, participant lists and assessment data. One sign in will access both Turning Accounts and ResponseWare.
  • Accelerated Updates and Enhancements - The TurningPoint Cloud platform enables the Turning Technologies development team to add future features and functionality in rapid succession to continually meet user needs. Cloud services will continue to expand as efforts will be focused on session data management and enhanced mobile functionality.
If I used Turningpoint 5 previously, what do I need to do to be ready for fall?

Please take a look at the transition guide in the instructor resources section

How do I learn more about this change?

More information, including training options and self help documentation and videos, is available on the Instructor Resources page. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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