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TurningPoint Application Setting Changes Needed - Fall 2018 (New)

Instructors using the TurningPoint application need to make two changes to the TurningPoint application Preferences to avoid issues during "clicker" sessions:

  • Issue: PowerPoint presentation polls open slowly, or not at all
    Issue: Prevent student "Messaging" in clicker responses

To change your TurningPoint application settings:

  • Login to your TurningPoint application from your USB storage/receiver
  • Click the "gear" icon in the lower-right corner to open the Preferences dialog box

More information and specific instructions (PDF)

Getting Started
QT2 Clicker

Contact the Learning and Applied Innovation (LAI) staff before the start of the semester during which you plan to use TurningPoint in your classroom. When you contact us, you will receive a free instructor's kit containing a TurningPoint USB storage/receiver, the TurningPoint application, important information, and training and support from LAI staff.

  1. Contact the NDSU Bookstore to make them aware students in your course require a Turning Technologies clicker and/or a TurningPoint subscription (license).
  2. Advise your students to purchase a clicker and/or subscriptions from the NDSU Bookstore. Students can find information about registering their clickers and/or subscriptions at Student Resources

Contact Information

Creating a Turning Account

Instructors and students must create a Turning Account in Blackboard before they are able to use TurningPoint. With a Turning account, instructors can login to the TurningPoint application to start TurningPoint polls, manage session data, and view student responses.

The TurningPoint USB storage/receiver provided by ITS comes with the TurningPoint application installed. TurningPoint 8 is also installed on all instrumented classroom computers; however, it is best to start the TurningPoint application from the USB storage/receiver rather than the classroom computer's hard drive, as all session data will then be saved to the USB drive rather than the classroom computer.

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Enter any course
  3. Click Tools > Turning Account Registration
  4. Select Create Account and follow the prompts
  5. Use your NDSU email address (i.e. when creating a new Turning account

Note: Once you have a Turning Account, make sure you use Blackboard to sync your Blackboard courses to your Turning Account!

Sync Current Courses with TurningPoint

Each Semester you use TurningPoint:

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Enter any course
  3. Click Tools > Turning Account Registration
  4. Login to TurningPoint with your Turning Account credentials
  5. Scroll down to "Available Courses" > locate your course for the current term
  6. Click Connect at the bottom of the 'card' for the course(s) you wish to sync - that course will move to the "Current Courses" list at the top of the page
  7. Click View at the bottom of a course 'card' to see the class roster and view each student's Turning Account status
Poll Types

Three different polling types are available:

  1. PowerPoint Polling is directly integrated into PowerPoint slides to keep interactive presentations functioning seamlessly.
  2. Anywhere Polling is an interactive toolbar that allows you to poll over top of web pages, videos, documents or any application.
  3. Self-Paced Polling is used to launch assessments, evaluations and surveys where participants can work at any speed.
Classroom Receiver Channels

By default,TurningPoint clicker devices connect to "Channel 41". A specific channel is assigned to each room to prevent interference with TurningPoint clickers in use in other classrooms. Instructors must change the default channel setting in their TurningPoint application to the designated room channel before starting a clicker session.

Students must also change the channel setting on their clicker device to the same channel the instructor's receiver uses in that classroom. Instructors should communicate the channel number to students before students begin responding.

TurningPoint Classroom Channel List and Instructions for Changing Receiver Channels

Training Opportunities

Face to Face - Learning and Applied Innovation staff provide face-to-face training each semester. Training is focused on how to get started with clickers, how to begin polling in a class, and how to manage student clicker data.

Request TurningPoint training and/or request help


Tips for Managing Data
The Course/Roster

A Course/Roster is required if you would like to award points for student participation or for correctly answering questions, or to view detailed student reports for each TurningPoint session. Course/Rosters contain the names, device IDs, and the subscription status of each student in a particular Blackboard course.

Course/Rosters will be synchronized with your Blackboard course within your Turning Account and will automatically appear under the Manage tab in the TurningPoint 8 application. Instructors do not need to manually create the course/roster and they no longer need to download the course/roster from Blackboard.

Understanding your Course/Roster

Students participating in courses where clickers are required for points or grading purposes are required to:

  • Create a Turning Account
  • Redeem a Turning subscription
  • Register their device ID from the back side of the clicker device (optional if the student is only using the Turning Mobile app)

In the Course/Roster, you can view the student registration status of all your students and verify they have completed the necessary items. If you choose to award points for clicker use, students who have not fully completed the registration process will not receive points through TurningPoint until they finish the registration process correctly. Once the student is correctly registered, that student will be linked to the device or license so previously unawarded points can be uploaded to the Blackboard Grade Center.

Understanding your Course/Roster

You can quickly send an auto-generated email reminder message to any students who have not created a Turning Account or registered their Clicker ID and/a valid Subscription:

  1. Enter your course in Blackboard > click Tools > Turning Account Registration > login to your Turning account. The TurningPoint instructor dashboard appears in your browser.
  2. Click View at the bottom of the 'card' for the course where you wish to email students.
  3. Click Email Students in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select the desired option(s).
  5. Click Send
    Note: The email message will be sent only to those students who need to complete the option(s) you chose.
Editing a TurningPoint session file

Before uploading or exporting points, you may wish to edit the session file to change correct/incorrect answers, adjust points for answer choices, or delete particular clicker questions.

Editing a TurningPoint Session

Uploading TurningPoint Session Points directly to Blackboard

Session points or total points are normally synchronized automatically with your Blackboard Grade Center once daily; however, occasionally you may need to upload grades from TurningPoint session(s) to the Grade Center to refresh results if there have been changes:

  1. Open the TurningPoint application > login to your Turning Account
  2. Click the Manage tab at the top
  3. Click on the course name in the course list on the left to select it
  4. Click Upload Grades
  5. Check the box(es) for the points to be uploaded
  6. Click Upload > the Task Status pop-up box appears on screen > click Close to dismiss the Task Status box
Exporting Content

Question lists and PowerPoint presentations can be exported from TurningPoint. Exporting content creates a copy of the file in the specified location. The file is not removed from its current location.

To export content:

  1. Open the TurningPoint application
  2. Select the Content Tab at the top
  3. Click Content and select Export
  4. Check the Content to be exported
    Note: When exporting content, it is important to remember that the folder structure is also exported. For example, a folder named “Practice” contains three question lists. If a question list From “Practice” is exported, a folder named “Practice” is created and the exported question list will be inside the folder in the location where the content is exported to.
  5. Click the ... button to the right of "Export to Directory:" and navigate to the desired location
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save
Importing Content

The following file types can be imported into TurningPoint:

  • Question list files (TPQX and TPQ)
  • Answer key files from TurningKey (TKY)
  • QuestionPoint files (TQZ) and PowerPoint presentations (PPTX and PPT)

When a file is imported, it is copied from its current location to the Content folder in TurningPoint.

Tip: Drag and drop files and folders directly under the Content tab.

To import existing question lists into TurningPoint:

  1. Open the TurningPoint application
  2. Click the Content tab at the top
  3. Click Content > Import
  4. Navigate to the location where the files to be imported are stored > select the file(s) > click Open
    Tip: Select more than one file by holding down the Shift or Control Keys while clicking on files.

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