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How to use your clicker

Get started using your clicker with the ResponseCard NXT user guide.

If your instructor allows use of smartphones, tablets or laptops to submit responses in class, get started using ResponseWare:

Benefits of using clickers as a student

  • You answer questions in private--no need for you to raise your hand and be called upon. This can encourage shy students to participate more readily.
  • The answers are collected almost instantly. This allows you and your professor to make efficient use of your time together as a class.
  • The system will give a summary of all the answers transmitted right after the question ends, giving you and your instructor valuable and immediate feedback. With this feedback, your instructor will know what points need more discussion and explanation, and which points are understood.
  • It is another reason to stay awake in class.

How to get a clicker

Clickers are available for purchase at the NDSU Bookstore. If you have more than one instructor using this technology, the clicker works for any class that uses the technology. In other words, you can keep the clicker for your whole stay at NDSU. When you're done with your clicker, you can sell it back to the Bookstore.

As of spring 2014, NDSU has adopted ResponseWare, which allows use of smartphones, tablets and laptops to submit responses in class. Before purchasing a ResponseWare license, students should check with all of their instructors to find out if ResponseWare is allowed in their classrooms.

How to register your clicker via Blackboard

  1. Go to the Blackboard course area for your course that is using clickers.
  2. Click Tools in the left menu.
  3. Click the TurningPoint Registration Tool.
  4. Click to Register ResponseCard (for clicker registration) or to Register ResponseWare (for smartphone, tablet or laptop registration).
  5. If you need to change your Device ID, just follow the same instructions, but type over the previously entered ID.

After you've registered in one Blackboard course, you are automatically registered in any other Blackboard course in which you're enrolled that uses clickers.

How to take care of your clicker

  • Bring your clicker to every class period.
  • Replace the AAA alkaline batteries at your own expense when required. The battery icon in the top right corner of the readout will tell you how much battery life is left in your clicker.

What to do if you lose your clicker

  • First, check the classroom(s), local lost and founds, and check with your instructors in case the clicker was found and turned in.
  • If you still can't find it, contact the Help Desk (231-8685, IACC 150) to report it as lost. If the clicker is turned into ITS, we will contact you.
  • If you need to replace your clicker before it is found and turned in, you will have to return to the registration tool in your Blackboard course and register your new Device ID number. Tell your instructor what your new Device ID number is so that he/she can update the roster to reflect that change.

How to buy/sell or lend/borrow clickers

Students can buy/sell clickers from other students. The student who is buying the unit will be able to register the unit as his/her own using the registration tool in the Blackboard course. 

It is not advisable for two or more students to share the same clicker during a semester because each Device ID is unique to the student.

What to do if your clicker stops working

If your clicker stops working, please take it to the NDSU Bookstore for replacement.

  • If your clicker turns off fairly quickly, it isn't faulty. The clickers are set up to do that to save battery life.
  • With new clickers, you need to pull the battery tab on the back of the unit before using.



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