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Identifying Mid-Term Deficiencies using Blackboard Grade Center

Instructors are encouraged to report mid-term grades during the 9th week of the semester. If you use the Blackboard Grade Center, these steps can help you identify those students who have earned a D or F simply and quickly. The three basic tasks involved are:

  1. Create a grading schema to define the score ranges for grades A - F
  2. Create a new calculated column to store the students' total points as of the established cut-off point
  3. Create a Smart View that will display only students with grades below a C

This short tutorial will cover these three steps. If you use more advanced methods in your Grade Center such as weighted scores, columns that increase throughout the semester, extra credit, or you want to use whatever scores have been awarded without a definite cutoff of what is included and what is not, please contact the ITS Instructional Services team for individualized help. Submit a ticket to the ITS Help Desk or email

Task 1: Create a Grading Schema

A Grading Schema defines the ranges of scores that produce letter grades A - F. Blackboard can use this Grading Schema to convert numeric scores to a letter grade display. In this example we'll create the standard grade schema of A = 100-90, B = 89.9-80, C = 79.9- 70, D=69.9-60 and F=59.9 and below.

  1. In your Grade Center, choose Manage, then click Grading Schemas.

  2. Choose Create Grading Schema.

  3. Give the schema a name (i.e. "My Letter Grade"), and an optional description. Click the Insert Rows icons to add 3 more rows between the A and F rows for grades B, C, and D.

  4. Set the Schema Mapping options as desired by filling in the top percentage value for each grade. You can set the "Will Calculate as" column values as you wish. (If you manually enter a letter grade for a student into a column set to display letter grades, the settings in the "Will Calculate as" column will govern what numeric score is recorded along with the letter grade.

    Note: if you allow Extra Credit, set the upper limit for an A grade higher than 100%

  5. Click Submit, then click OK.

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Task 2: Add a Mid-Term Calculated Total Column to Grade Center

Blackboard automatically creates a calculated Total column for the semester, but we need to create a separate calculated Total column for mid-term deficiencies. As you define this total column, you'll need to decide what the cut-off point is. In other words, which Grade Center columns will be included in the first half of the semester?

  1. In your Grade Center, choose Create Calculated Column, then click Total Column.

  2. Enter "Mid-term Total" as the column name and set the Primary Display as "My Letter Grade" and the Secondary Display as "Score."

  3. Click the "Selected Columns and Categories" option so a list of your all of your grade columns appears. Click on the grade columns that you want to include for the Mid-term Total and click the arrow icon in the center to move them to the list of Selected Columns on the right.

  4. Finish creating the Mid-term Total column by setting the "Calculate as running total" to No, decide whether your students see this total with the Show this column in My Grades option, then click Submit.

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Task 3: Create a Smart View and view your results

  1. In the Grade Center, choose Manage, then click Smart Views

  2. Click Create Smart View.

  3. Create the Smart View using these settings:

    • Name the Smart View "Deficiencies."
    • For Type of View, choose Performance.
    • To set the criteria, choose the Mid-term Total column for the User Criteria, "less than" as the Condition: and set Value: as the score you computed at the end of task 2 - the lowest score that would still be a "C." Click Submit.

  4. Use the Deficiencies Smart View to identify the students with a D or F grade:

    Click the Filter button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select "Deficiencies" from the Current View: list on the Filter Bar. The Grade Center should display only the students with D's or F's. Using this list of students as a guide, log into Campus Connection and enter the D's and F's into the Mid-term grading screen. Be sure to change Status to "Ready for Review" when finished.

    To return your Grade Center to its normal complete list of students select Full Grade Center from the Current View: list on the Filter Bar.

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