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Tegrity Lecture Capture

Tegrity is being replaced by YuJa beginning summer 2019

At the end of spring semester, 2019, Tegrity will no longer be available. The product itself is being discontinued and the North Dakota University System has selected a new product, YuJa, to take its place.

YuJa is already available in all of your summer 2019 courses. Get started or find more information.

Current Tegrity users: Your existing Tegrity content is being converted and migrated over to YuJa where it will be redirected to your new user account. Please check back on the YuJa page for updates and information. It is estimated that your Tegrity content will be available in YuJa by the beginning for summer.

Getting Started

  1. A link ("Tegrity Classes") is automatically added to all Blackboard courses. Clicking this link in any of your Blackboard courses will provide access to Tegrity.
  2. Install the recorder on Windows or Mac
  3. View instructions to get started recording
  4. Get help for Instructors
  5. Find out more information about Tegrity
  6. Become familiar with the Tegrity Archival and Retention Procedure
  7. Contact NDSU Instructional Services with any questions or if you'd like additional training.

Important Information:

Tegrity Archival and Retention Procedure

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019  video recordings from Summer and Fall 2018 courses where instructors selected the Standard 30 Days retention option when the course was activated will be purged from the Tegrity server. After the purge process is complete these recordings will no longer be available.

Videos recorded in courses where the instructor selected the 6 Semesters: (Extended) option will remain on the server for six semesters + 30 days.

This change reflects the Archival and Retention Procedure for Tegrity Recordings implemented at the end of Fall 2016. We are purging these recordings as part of a cost-savings initiative.

What is Tegrity?

Tegrity is a fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid and online courses to record lectures and supplementary course content. Tegrity records computer screen content, audio and webcam video simultaneously, and then automatically generates a feature-rich recording available for viewing within minutes of recording.

Why use Tegrity?

There are numerous situations in which using Tegrity is effective; you can use Tegrity to record face-to-face lectures, supplemental class material, guest lectures, test review sessions, and lab demonstrations.

Students can bookmark difficult topics in class using iOS or Android mobile devices. When they access the recordings, they can search for keywords, use their bookmarks, adjust the presentation speed up or down, and view the recording on their mobile devices. Students can also download MP3 podcast recordings or M4V vodcast recordings, which they can view from virtually any mobile device.

Tegrity in the Classroom

With the use of a microphone, which can be checked out from the Help Desk (Equipment Checkout), instructors can create Tegrity recordings in any instrumented classroom. Recordings with checkout microphones in classrooms not listed below, will only capture the desktop computer screen and the audio captured by the checkout microphone.

Full Lecture Capture Classrooms*                   

Partial Lecture Capture Classrooms**     

A.G. Hill 126

A.G. Hill 112

Barry Hall 140

Barry Hall 20

Barry Hall 360

Barry Hall 120

CME Auditorium

Barry Hall 126

EML 314

Barry Hall 262

FLC 122

Barry Hall 266

FLC 124

Barry Hall 370

FLC 313

CIE 101

GCB Auditorium

EE 125

Loftsgard 114 Ladd 107

Morrill 103

Library 14

QBB 132

Loftsgard 102

Renaissance 114

Loftsgard 104

Sudro 21

Minard 112

Sudro 22

Minard 116

Sudro 24

 Minard 212

Sudro 27

Minard 230


Minard 310


Morrill 105


QBB 102


QBB 104

QBB 106

QBB 116
Renaissance 214
South Engineering 116
South Engineering 118
South Engineering 208
Stevens 230
Sudro 26
Van Es 101
Walster 220
Walster 220

**In a Partial Lecture Capture Classroom, any source that is displayed on the instructor’s monitor is recorded in the Tegrity content window.  Also, the classroom includes a lapel microphone that is set as the default source for capturing audio in Tegrity.

*In addition to the content and audio capture capabilities of Partial Lecture Capture Classrooms, video cameras are installed and the Tegrity instructor video is recorded in Full Lecture Capture Classrooms.

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