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The NDSU Test Scoring System

The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) System at NDSU is operated by Information Technology Services at the main campus IT Help Desk. This system consists of an (OMR) scanner, software enabling the OMR to write scanned data to a file, and custom-written programs which read the raw data files from the scanner and score them.

OMR scans are accepted at the IT Help Desk in 150 Quentin Burdick Building and Barry Hall 270 during regular IT Help Desk Hours and will be processed within 24-48 hours. Users are notified by email when their OMR job is complete.

The OMR system provides four main services:

  • Computerized scoring of objective tests (multiple choice and/or true-false questions) for classes of any size -- test scores can be easily imported into the Blackboard Grade Center
  • A survey program which provides simple counts, percentages, and means for each item
  • A Student Rating of Instruction (SROI) option
  • An easy, handy way to read data from scannable sheets into a text file which can be imported into any spreadsheet application

The OMR scanner reads marks made by a #2 pencil (pen marks are not recognized) on special Scantron answer sheets. 

  • 5-Answer

    • Allows a maximum of 200 questions
    • Can allow either one correct answer only, or a combination of correct answers
    • 32 unique combinations of the five responses: A, B, C, D, E, AB, AC, and so on through ABCDE are available
    • Can stipulate that only specific combinations are the "correct" responses for a question, or that elements comprising the combinations are also valid
    • See Test Scoring Options for details

  • 10-Answer

    • Allows a maximum of 120 questions
    • Allows only one "correct" answer since there are 1024 unique combination answers possible -- an unmanageably large number
    • The NDSU Bookstore may need to special order these forms which may take several weeks -- be sure to check availability before planning to use the 10-choice form

Contact the IT Help Desk at 231-8685 if you have questions.

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