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Using the OMR Test Scoring Service

  1. Complete the necessary answer sheets and stack them in the correct order
  2. Submit and pick-up exams and scored results at the IT Help Desk window (150 QBB) during regular IT Help Desk hours
  3. OMR jobs are processed by IT Help Desk staff as time permits
  4. You will be notified via email when the OMR job is ready for pick-up

When you submit the exam for processing be sure to tell the Help Desk consultant:

  • If you want printed copies of the exam results - (the IT Help Desk can print up to five copies for you - complete Question #2 on the INFO sheet to specify the number of copies you need as well)
  • If you want the three different generated output text files containing the results of the scan sent to you via email (complete Question #6 on the INFO sheet as well)

Your NDSU photo ID is required to submit exams. To pick-up scored exams present either your NDSU ID or the OMR job confirmation e-mail message. Our goal is to be sure only authorized persons have access to that exam and/or the scored results.

Answer sheets must be stacked in this order when submitted:

Every OMR job must include the INFO, KEY, and STUDENT sheets – the WEIGHT sheet must be included only when any question is to be worth more than one point.

  • All sheets must be stacked face-up with the name grids aligned
  • If subjective questions are used, the instructor must mark each student answer sheet with the number of points the student earned on the subjective question(s). Align this score in the SPECIAL CODES grid so the last or right-most digit ends in the "P" column

You will receive an Incident Number for each bundle of sheets you leave for scoring. This Incident Number becomes part of any output text files delivered to you as well.

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