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Respondus 4.0 Troubleshooting Tips

 Avoid the majority of errors by keeping Respondus 4.0 up-to-date:

  1. Open Respondus
  2. Click Help > Check For Update > Get Update
  3. Follow the prompts displayed until you see a message that you have the latest version available
    -- OR --
  4. Download the latest update directly from Respondus if "Check For Update" reports no updates are needed

Avoid Blackboard Server Connection Errors - NDSU Blackboard system only:

Open Internet Explorer before you establish the initial connection to the Blackboard server and each time you need to connect to Blackboard at NDSU to publish exams or retrieve exam data.

Note: Be sure you open Internet Explorer rather than Microsoft Edge -  Internet Explorer is hidden by default in Windows 10, but it is still available; use these instructions to locate Internet Explorer in Windows 10:

  • Click the Windows Search button (or Cortana, if displayed) - type "Internet Explorer" in the Search box.
  • Right-click the Internet Explorer Desktop app link that appears > select Pin to Start AND/OR Pin to taskbar to make it easier to find and open Internet Explorer rather than Microsoft Edge.

If you see this error message when connecting - click OK > open and minimize Internet Explorer > click Next in Respondus to connect to Blackboard.

Common Warning Messages

When you click Import Questions > Preview you may see a variety of "warning" messages in the Preview results window at the bottom of the Import Questions dialog box - some of these warning messages can be ignored, but others must be fixed in the Word document and then imported to Respondus again.

  1. "duplicate question" warnings can almost always be ignored. Respondus reads the first few words of each question to create a question title. If you have multiple questions that begin with the same words, such as "Which of the following . . ." Respondus flags these questions as duplicates.
  2. A "missing answer" or "unreadable" warning cannot be ignored. There is a formatting issue in your Word document, OR you neglected to put an asterisk next to the correct answer for the question. The most common issues are:

    1. There is a heading or description in your exam in the Word document. Respondus cannot read these - they should be deleted.
    2. There is a table or chart in your exam, bullets or numbering, or other formatting Respondus can't understand - these should be deleted in the Word document. This formatting can be added into your questions in Blackboard after uploading them.
    3. There is a missing 'return' (blank line) - Respondus cannot tell where a new question begins.
    4. There is a missing 'correct answer' or too many answers are marked correct depending on the question type.
    5. There is a missing period after the question number or answer choice indicator (Example: 3 Question, or B Example answer).
    6. There is an extra space between the asterisk (*) and the answer choice indicator (Example: * B. See the extra space).
    7. You have essay, short answer, or question types other than Multiple Choice or True/False, but they are not marked with the required "Type" code - Respondus does not know how to handle the question (Example: Type MA is multiple answer; Type E is Essay). The Type code must precede the question number on a line by itself for all question types other than Multiple Choice or True/False.

About Respondus 4.0

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