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Download and Install SMART Notebook Software
  1. Visit the SMART Technologies software download page at
  2. Choose a Version for the SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. Use the newest version for either Windows or Mac.
  3. Choose the Download button and follow instructions.
  4. Supply the personal information requested and choose Start Download. (You may need to save a file with an ".exe" extension.)
  5. Run the downloaded file to install the software.
Registering and Activating your SMART Device:

Since your workstation will not be connected to a SMART device, you will not need to connect to a particular SMART device. If the installation procedure offers to start the Connection Wizard, choose No to skip that step. 

  1. Open the SMART Notebook software.
  2. To activate your downloaded software, choose Help > Activate Software.
  3. If there is a product key in the popup SMART Software Activation window, choose Finish. You're done with the installation and activation.
  4. If there isn't a product key in the popup "Smart Software Activation" window, email Instructional Services at to get a valid NDSU Product Key.

    Then return to the "SMART Software Activation" window and choose Add.
    Enter the Product Key into the blank and choose Add, check the license agreement box and choose Next.  Then Finish the activation according to instructions on the screen.
SMART Tutorials and Guides
How do I start using the SMART Boards or Podiums?

To request training, please email Instructional Services at
For quick, anytime-anywhere training, review the following tutorials and guides.

  • The Floating Toolbar – Quick Reference PDF
  • Annotate your Powerpoint Live (AV Tutorial / PDF document)
  • Using the SMART Notebook Software – Tutorial of version 10 – The toolbar looks different now – in the newer version the toolbar is more organized by function -  but otherwise this tutorial is still helpful.
  • Galleries and Resources – Quick Reference PDF
    Note: “Online Essentials for Educators” is now called “SMART Exchange” and “Essentials for Educators” is called “Gallery Essentials”
  • Collecting and Sharing Content with the Notebook Software – Quick Reference
Additional SMART Resources:

Touch, Write and Save– SMART Board basics

Tips and Tricks from Clemson University

Which classrooms have SMART equipment installed?

Please visit the Interactive Technology page.

How do I get training and support for SMART technologies?

To request help or training, please email Instructional Services at
To report equipment problems with the Podiums or Boards, please call the IT Help Desk at 231-8685, option 5 for Classroom Technologies Support.

To reserve a SMART room:
To reserve a classroom that has SMART equipment installed for a class, please e-mail Kimberly Miller or call 231-7986.
The ITS Training Room in QBB 150D is also equipped with SMART equipment and software. Please contact Instructional Services at for more information.

Notebook Available for iPad

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