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How do I connect to wireless for the first time?

Set up a computer to connect by installing a security certificate.* An NDSU electronic ID and password are needed to install the certificate. The certificate and installation instructions can be obtained at:

After installing your security certificate, you can connect to the wireless network called Eduroam.


If you are having difficulties installing and connecting to wireless utilizing the digital security certificate on a Windows PC please follow these steps to connect to eduroam:

  1. Right click on the Wi-Fi icon and choose "Open Network and Sharing Center"
  2. Click on "Set up a new connection or network"
  3. Click "Manually connect to a wireless network"
  4. Enter information for the wireless network

    1. Network name: eduroam
    2. Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
    3. Encryption type: AES
    4. Security Key: (leave blank)
    5. Check "Start this connection automatically"
    6. Press enter

  5. Click on "Change connection settings"

    1. Under the Security tab, choose a network authentication method of "Microsoft: EAP-TTLS"
    2. Click OK until you're all the way out

  6. Click the Wi-Fi icon and choose eduroam as your network
  7. When prompted, enter in your NDSU email address and NDSU Electronic ID password
  8. When prompted, choose "Connect"


With Android devices, the app may not work successfully. If this is the case, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect to eduroam
  2. Modify the network connection settings

    1. EAP method: TTLS
    2. Phase 2: PAP
    3. CA Cert: Unspecified/Do not validate
    4. Identity: Enter your NDSU email address
    5. Anonymous identity: (leave blank)
    6. Password: NDSU Electronic ID password

  3. Click Connect to finish

How do I stop connecting to NDSU Instructions after I've completed the setup for eduroam?

Problem: Your laptop automatically connects to the NDSU Instructions wireless network even after you have installed the digital security certificate and set up your device to connect to eduroam. This issue can disrupt your connectivity and prevent you from accessing the Internet.

Solution: To fix this issue, change settings in your computer so it “forgets” the NDSU Instructions network. Instructions are below.

  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper-left, and then click System Preferences
  2. Under Internet & Wireless, click Network
  3. Click Advanced (make sure Wi-Fi is selected in the list on the left)
  4. Under Preferred Networks, click NDSU Instructions
  5. Click the "" to remove NDSU Instructions
  6. Click OK, click Apply, and then quit System Preferences to finish
Windows 7
  1. Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray in the lower right corner
  2. Select Open Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click Manage wireless networks on the left side of the window
  4. Click NDSU Instructions, and then click Remove in the top menu bar to finish
Windows 8
  1. Open Settings from the sidebar
  2. Select Wireless Networks (may or may not be connected to a network)
  3. Press and hold or right click the NDSU Instructions network
  4. Click Forget this network to finish 

Where can I access the wireless network?

Access is available at almost all public locations across campus and in student rooms, lounges and study areas in the residence halls.

Connect to the secure wireless network identified as Eduroam (or NDSU Instructions if you need connection information). If you connect to an unsecured network, you could be at risk for having information intercepted.

Who can use the wireless network?

In accordance with the NDSU Computer Use Policy and the North Dakota University System Computer Use Policy, secure network access is granted only to NDSU faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests. All users are subject to the NDSU and N.D. University System policies.

NDSU employees can provide guests with access to wireless through the NDSU Guest wireless network. To generate a guest password, go to:

Can I use any of the wireless networks that appear when I'm on campus?

The wireless networks called EduroamNDSU Secure, NDSU Limited, and NDSU Instructions are the only official networks provided by NDSU. Other access points are unauthorized and violate NDSU and N.D. University System policy. For security reasons, only authorized wireless networks should be used.

Where do I go if I have further questions?

Contact the IT Help Desk at 231-8685 (option 1) or if you have questions or need assistance.

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