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Learning and Applied Innovation Updates

Safe Assign Alternative 02/21/2020

SafeAssign Originality Reports for recent Blackboard assignment submissions are currently not processing. Blackboard is investigating the issue. We will post more information here as soon as it is available. Documents submitted via the SafeAssign Direct Submit option are processing correctly.

Updated Information (2/24/20):

Blackboard has released a fix for this SafeAssign issue and NDUS staff are testing it now. The update is scheduled to be pushed to Blackboard on February 26.

DirectSubmit Temporary Work-around:

  1. Open the Full Grade Center
  2. Select the chevron at the top of the grade column containing the assignments you wish to check for plagiarism
  3. Choose Assignment File Download
  4. Check the box next to each student submission OR check the box to the left of the Name heading at the top to Select All
  5. Select Submit
  6. Select the "Download assignments now." link to save the resulting ZIP file to your computer
  7. Navigate to Course Tools
  8. Safe Assign
  9. Direct Submit (Note: If you have co-instructors make sure to select Shared instead of Private)
  10. Best practice: create a folder in which to place the batch of assignments you wish to check
  11. Choose Submit Paper
  12. Upload the ZIP file containing the downloaded assignments
  13. In Course Tools > SafeAssign > DirectSubmit, instructors will see a screen similar to this (note that this example has files which are 100% plagiarized!)

  14. Click on the SA Report icons to view the Originality Reports

Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer (including IE 11) is no longer supported in this newest Blackboard version and beyond. We have already identified issues with creating or editing Announcements, and the Attendance and Create Recording features will not work in Internet Explorer. Other issues isolated to Internet Explorer will not be resolved by Blackboard Support.

The solution is to use another browser - Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

Blackboard Browser Checker - Check your browser and other settings

Blackboard browser support information

Clickers - TurningPoint

New this fall, NDSU students will no longer need to purchase a license for TurningPoint, as we have a campus-wide license for accounts.

  • If you require physical clicker devices in your classes (rather than using the app or browser interface), a student may need to purchase a device if they don’t have one.
  • TurningPoint uses NDSU credentials (what you use to log into NDSU computers)

Register for TurningPoint Trainings

For additional information, visit IT TurningPoint Resources.

Lecture Capture - YuJa

YuJa has replaced Tegrity as the supported video and lecture capture solution.

  • Access YuJa through Blackboard.
  • All Tegrity recordings have been converted to the YuJa format but you must claim your YuJa account in order for them to be moved.

    • Log into Blackboard, open any course, then click the YuJa Content link in the course menu on the left.
    • Once you have claimed your account, contact the Help Desk to request the Tegrity videos be moved to your YuJa account.

  • All IT supported classrooms can now capture content and voice. Classrooms with video cameras can also capture video.

Register for YuJa Trainings

For additional information, visit IT YuJa Resources.

AirMedia - New Wireless Presentation Technology

Crestron AirMedia is replacing Apple TV.

  • Allows for wireless presentation of content from a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device via the NDSU (Eduroam) wireless network.
  • Provides improved video and audio playback in classrooms.
  • Supports multiple systems: Apple iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS.
  • Instructions for use will appear on classroom screens when you select your media source.

NDSU Credentials and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in the Classrooms

For web services that use NDSU credentials, you will be prompted for MFA, including in classrooms. These services include (but are not limited to) TurningPoint, Google Apps, and Office365.

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