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Server Registration Procedures

To connect to the network, a server must be registered and approved by the Vice President for the Division of Information Technology, and have received a static IP number.

Criteria needed to meet approval includes, but is not limited to:

  • The server meets all standards and requirements established by NDSU Policy 710, compter and Electronic Communications Facilities.
  • The server meets standards and requirements established by the NDUS Server Information Technology Security Procedures.
  • The physical location of the server meets the guidelines and requirements established by the NDUS Physical Information Technology Security Standards.
  • All data transmitted and/or stored on the server must be classified and protected according to the NDUS Policy  and Procedure 1901.2, Data Classification Standard.
  • Server(s), applications, and data not managed by the NDSU Division of IT must be managed and maintained by a qualified information technology professional.
  • Each person with access to the server must be assigned a unique ID/login.
  • Access to data is granted on a need-to-know basis.
  • Guest access accounts are disabled or deleted.
  • Intrusion detection, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software are installed, and a process exists for keeping it up-to-date with current signatures.
  • The server, applications, and services will work in a non-administrator/privileged mode.
  • The server's operating system and applications will only use services and protocols necessary to the purpose of the server. All unnecessary services and protocols are disabled or removed.
  • The physical location of the server is a securely locked area that is accessible only by those who are authorized.
  • When repurposing or disposing of a server and its components, it is understood that all data must be scrubbed from the machine using Department of Defense (DoD) standards.
  • All IT servers/services at NDSU are subject to an information technology audit.
  • If confidential data is collected, the data is stored and transferred in an accepted encrypted format. Destruction of electronically stored confidential data follows standards and guidelines as outlined in NDSU Policy 713, Records and Retention Management.

The request to register the server will be signed by the dean/department chair of the college or division and the technician responsible for the server. The server will be audited by IT security, and the completed request will be submitted to the VPIT for approval. Once approved, the server will be registered and eligible to receive a static IP number.

Download the form to register a server here.

To finalize the registration of a server than sends or recieves email, please click here.

To request a static IP number, please complete and submit this form.

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