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Document Imaging Standards


North Dakota State University (NDSU) uses digital imaging to preserve and protect required documents that may or may not contain confidential data. The University in the course of its business operations and processes is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and proper handling of this information. 


To ensure that digital document imaging systems and the information created is accurate and secure. 


NDSU hs adopted a compliance strategy for all divisions and departments who use digital imaging to preserve and protect documents. 

Policy and Procedure Overview:

  1. Digital document imaging systems must be approved and registered according to NDSU Policy, Section 710 by the NDSU Division of IT Vice President and CIO.
  2. All data stored and maintained on the system is classified and protected according to Nort Dakota University System (NDUS) Policies and Procedues 1901.2, 1904.1, 1912, 1912.1; and NDSU Policies, Sections 158, 710 and 713.
  3. If the digital imaging system is outsourced to a third party vendor, the vendor must comply with all policies and procedures as listed in above item 2.

Document Imaging Procedure Summary:

To ensure that digital document imaging systems and information created are accurate and secure, the folowing are to be present in an imaging program:

  1. Procedures employed shall comply with standards established by the NDUS and also defined in procedures for managing digital systems.
  2. Documentation created will outline and describe system software and hardware specifications and written policies and procedures that document the creation, maintenance, use and preservation of digital images within the system.
  3. Training schedules implemente will include initial instruction as well as regular, ongoing retraining must be implemented to ensure that employees understand the policies and procedures and any changes that may occur.
  4. Audit mechanisms to monitor the reliability and authenticity of the digital images must be activated, understood and used.
  5. Hardware and software shall be monitored for reliability, integrity, and security of the system.
  6. Departments, divisions, and colleges must periodically review all document imaging policies, procedures, and guidelines, and make necessary updates to meet regulatory changes.



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Contact Information

Eric Miller
NDSU Internal Auditor
Old Main 16

Theresa Semmens
NDSU Chief IT Security Officer

NDSU IT Security Updates

Feb 4, 2016

Security Vendor Malwarebytes called out for highly insecure products.  

A Google security researcher called out Malwarebytes for failure to secure their servers, including some privilege escalation flaws, and not using any encryption techniques for downloading updates to its popular anti-malware software. Malwarebytes is stating that it could three to four weeks to fix the flaws found.



Aug 4, 2015

Free Windows 10 Upgrade, yes indeed Windows 10 is a free upgrade for a year for computers with Windows 7 and 8 installed on them. However, Microsoft will not tell you about this in an e-mail.  Ransomware (software that will encrypt your files and then ask for money for the decryption key) has been seen being delivered through an e-mail promising a free windows 10 upgrade.  Delete these messages as you get them and do not open any attachment that you did not expect to receive.


Jul 28, 2015

1.4 million cars recalled for vulnerable remote control. Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles can possibly be controlled remotely over the Sprint network. Researchers have shown that while sitting at their desks they can take over many functions of a vehicle on the road through the onboard Infotainment system tied to the Sprint cellular network.



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