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Software and Online Services License Review

NDSU students, faculty and staff use a vast array of software and online services to conduct their academic work, research and university business.

Before software and online services can be purchased, installed or made available for use by NDSU students, faculty and staff, contract and license information must be reviewed for compliance with North Dakota laws, State Board of Higher Education policies and NDSU policies.

The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology facilitates the Software and Online Services License Review process in collaboration with the North Dakota Attorney General's Office campus representative.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Wendy McCrory at or (701) 231-7093, or contact CeCe Rohwedder at or (701) 231-5646.

Policies and Procedures

The contract and license review process is driven by the North Dakota Attorney General, State Board of Higher Education policy and NDSU policy.

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Review Process

The review process is under the purview of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology.  

A minimum of 2 weeks is needed to review software and online services.

Role of the Office of the VP for Information Technology

The chief information security officer, on behalf of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology, will:

  • Review the license and contract in consideration of state law, State Board of Higher Education policy and university policy
  • Assess the level of risk associated with purchasing, installing and using the software, and make a recommendation based on that risk assessment
  • Facilitate communication among appropriate channels, including:

    • Consult with Attorney General's office if issues with data privacy, confidentiality, or compliance with law or policy emerge during the review process
    • Collaborate with the vendor to amend terms or language in the license or contract as necessary
    • Communicate a recommendation to the requestor, the requestor's department software contact, and, if required, the requestor's dean, director or vice president
    • Provide approval documentation to NDSU Purchasing for approved software that costs more than $5,000

  • Record and track approved software and online services licenses and contracts, including amended language, for the university
Role of the Employee Requesting New Software or Online Services

If you are an NDSU faculty or staff member and wish to purchase, install or make software or online services available, you are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Submit a request to order the software or online services to your department software contact
  • Work with your department software contact to complete and submit the Software and Online Service Contract Review request form
  • Respond with additional information and clarification as requested by the chief information security officer
  • Facilitate communication to complete the purchase order, if approved, including:

    • Obtain a signature from your dean or vice president if the software or online service cost is greater than $2,500 and involves collection of sensitive data
    • If the the purchase order or software/online service agreement requires a signature, the Director of Purchasing must sign the agreement

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Submit a Request - Software or Online Service Contract Review

  1. Software includes applications and operating systems installed on a computer or other device. Online services are Web-based services such as storage sites, learning environments, collaboration sites, and data collection sites.
  2. Software and/or online service license information – including the license, terms of use, and end user license agreement – must be submitted with your request. Please provide a link to that information or upload a document that contains that information.
  3. Please answer the following questions to provide additional information regarding how the software will be used.
  4. Please include information about the purpose of the software and/or online service and data that will be gathered or analyzed using the software or online service.
  5. Will use of the software and/or online service result in the creation of intellectual property or have the potential to become a commercial product?
  6. What type of data will be collected and/or provided using the software and/or online service?
  7. Will the data collected include any personally identifying information or personal health information?
  8. Typically, the review process takes a minimum of 2 weeks to complete; however, if it will take longer, you will be notified within that time frame.

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