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NDSU Software Contacts

Software licensing contacts serve as a liaison between departmental faculty, staff, student employees and software licensing personnel regarding software licensing questions, ordering and installing, and miscellaneous information pertaining to software licenses. The software contact for a given department is responsible for the ordering, tracking and compliance of software licensing issues for all department-owned computers. Some departments have more than one software contact.

View a complete list of Software Contact Responsibilities.

If you find an error or omission in this listing, please submit a correction using the Software Contact Appointment and Authorization Form. The form must be signed by the head of your department.

If you have questions, please contact NDSU Software Licensing at 701-231-8685 (option 4) or

NDSU Departmental Software Contacts

4-H Youth Development--Extension Micki Mertz

Accounting Office Shelly Gustafsonshelly.gustafson@ndsu.edu231-7899
Accounting and Information Systems Karen Johnson 231-5845 
Admissions Office Penny Hoeselpenny.hoesel@ndsu.edu231-7310
Aerospace Studies Shawn O'Donnellshawn.odonnell@ndsu.edu231-5479 
Agribusiness and Applied Economics Edie Nelson edie.nelson@ndsu.edu231-7441
Agribusiness and Applied Economics Shelly 231-7442
Agribusiness and Applied Economics--Extension Sandy Osborne sandy.osborne@ndsu.edu231-8642 
Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Jana Daeuber 231-7264 
Agriculture Budget Office Jim Swank 231-7719 
Agriculture Budget Office Eric Exnereric.exner@ndsu.edu231-6745
Agriculture Budget Office - Extension Jim Swank 231-7719 
Agriculture Budget Office - ExtensionEric Exnereric.exner@ndsu.edu231-6745
Agriculture Communication Jon 231-7934 
Agriculture CommunicationJerry 231-6395
Allied SciencesMelissa Eslingermelissa.eslinger@ndsu.edu231-9489
Alumni/Development Foundation Gail Dancergail.dancer@ndsu.edu231-6817 
Animal ScienceJane Dickerson

Animal Sciences Julie Nashjulie.nash@ndsu.edu231-6653
Animal Replacement Fund Jim Swank 231-7719 
Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management RaeAnn Berg 231-8604 
Architecture Ben 231-5784 
ASEND/EPSCOR Elizabeth Jung 231-7516 
AthleticsLinda Gangelhoff

Biochemistry Gregory Cookgregory.cook@ndsu.edu231-7413 
Biological Sciences Wendy Leachwendy.leach@ndsu.edu231-7087
Board of Student Publications/Spectrum Pauline Dunn 231-8929 
Budget Control Jim Swank 231-7719 
Budget OfficeAubrey KetterlingAubrey.ketterling@ndsu.edu231-8204
Bookstore, NDSUBrad Sonmorbrad.sonmor@ndsu.edu231-8013
Bookstore, NDSUKimberly Anvinsonkimberly.anvinson@ndsu.edu231-9822
Career Center Smita 231-8467 
Career CenterBrenda Vertin

Center for Science & Math Education RuthAnn Faulknerruthann.faulkner@ndsu.edu231-6357
Center for Adv. Tech. Transfer Traineeships Laura Dallmann 231-5916 
Center for Biopharm ResearchJanis Borkjanis.bork@ndsu.edu231-5579
Center for Computationally Assisted Science & Technology Becky Hellman 231-5872 
Center for Global InitiativesDiane Axnessdiane.axness@ndsu.edu231-9407
Center for Social ResearchKaren Olsonk.olson@ndsu.edu231-1060
Center for Social ResearchKate Ulmerkate.ulmer@ndsu.edu231-8657
Center for Surface ProtectionKathy Backen-Andersenk.backen.andersen@ndsu.edu231-7634
Chemistry Gregory Cook

Civil Engineering Steve 231-6113
Civil EngineeringJan Lofbergjan.lofberg@ndsu.edu231-7244
Coatings & Polymeric MaterialsJanice Hanson231-7633
Coatings & Polymeric Materials Lynn 231-9492
College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural ResourcesBlair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural ResourcesJanelle Quamjanelle.quam@ndsu.edu231-7655
College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science - Dean's Office Lori 231-7857
College of Business Administration - Deans OfficeKay Hopkinskay.hopkins@ndsu.edu231-8826 
College of Engineering - Deans Office Steve Gruver 231-6113 
College of Health ProfessionsMelissa Eslinger 231-9489
College of Health ProfessionsChris Simonchris.simon@ndsu.edu231-9778
College of Science & Mathematics - Dean's Office Diane Goede 231-7412
College of Science & Mathematics - Business CenterDebra McDonough debra.mcdonough@ndsu.edu231-8607
College of Human Development & Education - Dean's OfficePeggy Cossette 231-8211
College of University Studies - Director's Office Drew 231-6314 
Communication Kelly Paynter 231-7705 
Computer Science Betty Opheim 231-9460
Computer Science Guy Hokansonguy.hokanson@ndsu.edu231-7786
Construction Management Engineering Steve Gruver 231-6113 
Counseling CenterTiffany Bendickson 231-6317 
Counseling CenterWilliam Burnswilliam.burns@ndsu.edu231-7675
Counseling CenterAshley Harrisashley.harris@ndsu.edu231-7671
Criminal Justice and Political ScienceTerence Jackson terry.jackson@ndsu.edu231-8657
Customer Account ServicesKarin Hegstadkarin.hegstad@ndsu.edu231-8422
Customer Account ServicesTyson Lundtyson.lund@ndsu.edu231-9724-
Customer Account ServicesDoreen Kramerdorreen.kramer@ndsu.edu231-7710
DiningTim 231-8611
Disability ServicesJudy DuBoisjudy.dubois@ndsu.edu231-8463
Disability ServicesGail Bollingergail.bollinger@ndsu.edu231-7198
Disability ServicesKari Chaffee Klettkekari.klettke@ndsu.edu231-7323
Distance and Continuing Education Jerry Olson 231-6256
Division of Fine Arts Bill Law 231-7420 
Electrical and Computer EngineeringEric 231-7364
Electrical and Computer Engineering Steve Gruver 231-6113 
Electrical and Computer Engineering Laura Dallmannlaura.dallmann@ndsu.edu231-7607
Emergency ManagementKate Ulmerkate.ulmer@ndsu.edu231-8657
Engineering Administration Steve 231-6113 
Engineering Technology Steve Gruver 231-6113 
English Michele Shermanmichele.sherman@ndsu.edu231-9606 
English Margaret 231-7887 
English Kevin 231-7146 
Enrollment ManagementKrisanne MogckKrisanne.mogck@ndsu.edu231-8380
Enrollment ManagementViet Doanviet.doan@ndsu.edu231-5143
Enrollment ManagementAndrew Kleinandrew.j.klein@ndsu.edu231-7983
Enterprise Computing & Infrastructure (see IT Division)
Entomology Diane Pennington diane.pennington@ndsu.edu231-7581 
EPSCOR/ASEND Kathleen 231-8618

Equity and DiversityMary 231-1029
Equity and Diversity CenterTamara Blanichtamara.blanich@ndsu.edu231-1029
Extension - Ag. & NR Brenda VertinBrenda.vertin@ndsu.edu231-7171 
Extension - Ag. & NR Blair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
Extension Center for Community VitalityBlair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896

Extension - County Programs 

Brenda VertinBrenda.vertin@ndsu.edu231-7171 
Extension - County ProgramsBlair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
Extension Director's OfficeLori Lymburnerlori.lymburner@ndsu.edu231-8944
Extension Director's OfficeBlair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
Extension - Family Consumer Science Kris Holt 231-9688 
Extension - Rural Leadership Cindy Selstedt 231-5803 
Extension SW District OfficeBlair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
Facilities Management Tracy Browntracy.brown@ndsu.edu231-8457 
Festival Concert Hall Bill Law 231-7420 
Financial Aid and ScholarshipsTammy Fraasetammy.fraase@ndsu.edu231-7889
Forest Service - ALL locations Loretta Forsberg

GeosciencesWendy Leachwendy.leach@ndsu.edu231-7087
GeosciencesPatty Hartsochpatty.hartsoch@ndsu.edu231-8455
Graduate School Nonnie Tangennonnie.tangen@ndsu.edu231-5944 
Grant & Contract AccountingTeresa DriscollTeresa.driscoll@ndsu.edu231-8357
Grant & Contract AccountingMary K. Freemanmary.k.freeman@ndsu.edu231-8357
Grant & Contract AccountingAnn Youngann.young@ndsu.edu231-8656
Group Decision Center Jerry L. 231-6256
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science Peggy Cossette

Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science--Extension Susan Finnesethsusan.finneseth@ndsu.edu231-7254 
Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science--ExtensionSarah Trimm

Hettinger Research CenterChristopher Schauerchristopher.schauer@ndsu.edu567-4323
Hettinger Research CenterTerri Lindquistterri.lindquist@ndsu.edu567-4323
Hettinger Research CenterCassie Dickcassie.dick@ndsu.edu567-4323
History, Philosphy & Religious StudiesJack 231-8654
Honors ProgramLori Alvarezlori.alvarez@ndsu.edu231-7857
Human Development & Family ScienceJoel Hektnerjoel.hektner@ndsu.edu231-8269
Human Development & Family ScienceTheresa Andersontheresa.anderson@ndsu.edu231-8268
Human Development & Family Science - ExtensionJeanne EricksonJeanne.erickson@ndsu.edu231-8652
Human Resources/Payroll Jill 231-8961
Human Resources/PayrollJill Spacekjill.spacek@ndsu.edu231-8525
Human Resources/PayrollCarman Hoffman

Industrial Engineering & Management Steve Gruver steven.gruver@ndsu.edu231-6113 
Information Technology Services (see IT Division)




Institutional Research and Analysis Linda Dahlsad linda.dahlsad@ndsu.edu231-8262 
Institutional Research and AnalysisEmily Bergemily.a.berg@ndsu.edu231-8263
International Programs Sara Johnsonsara.j.johnson@ndsu.edu231-8230
IT DivisionWendy McCrorywendy.mccrory@ndsu.edu231-7093
Leadership & Community Development Sandy Erickson sandra.k.erickson@ndsu.edu328-5125 
Library Administration Mitchell Axnessmitchell.axness@ndsu.edu231-8353
Library Administration 

Jason Bedsaul


Management and MarketingDiane Axness 231-9407
Mechanical Engineering Bruce Horton 231-8842 
MathematicsTina Exnerchrsitina.fischer@ndsu.edu231-8171
MathematicsConnor Helsethconnor.helseth@ndsu.edu231-8171
Master of Public HealthMelissa Eslingermelissa.eslinger@ndsu.edu231-9489
Media & Information Services Lisa 231-1068 
Memorial Union Paul 231-8236
Memorial UnionKim Bruemmerkim.bruemmer@ndsu.edu231-8242
Memorial Union - Campus AttractionsPaul 231-8236
Memorial Union - Campus AttractionsKim Bruemmerkim.bruemmer@ndsu.edu231-8242
Memorial Union - Student Activities OfficePaul 231-8236
Memorial Union - Student Activities OfficeKim Bruemmerkim.bruemmer@ndsu.edu231-8242
Microbiology Sandra Erickson 231-7511 
Military ScienceSteve Gruversteven.gruver@ndsu.edu231-6113
Modern Languages Michele Shermanmichele.sherman@ndsu.edu231-9606 
Modern Languages Margaret Skolnessmargaret.skolness@ndsu.edu231-7887
Multicultural ProgramsJaclynn Wallettejaclyn.wallette@ndsu.edu231-7314
Music Bill Law 231-7420 
Music Tammy Erdmann

Natural Resource Management Bruce Steelebruce.steele@ndsu.edu231-8582 
ND Forest Service - All Locations Loretta Forsbergloretta.forsberg@ndsu.edu228-5486 
ND Institute of Regional Studies Lori 231-7857 
ND Institute of Regional Studies Kent Sandstromkent.sandstrom@ndsu.edu231-8932
ND Institute of Regional Studies Nancy Nelsonnancy.nelson@ndsu.edu231-8338
NDSU BookstoreSee Bookstore, NDSU
NDSU One StopViet 231-5143
NDSU One StopAndrew 231-7983
Northern Crops Institute Linda Briggs 231-7736 
Payroll Office (see Human Resources/Payroll)


Pharmaceutical Sciences Melissa 231-9489 
Pharmaceutical SciencesChris Simonchris.simon@ndsu.edu231-9778
Pharmacy Practice Melissa Eslinger 231-9489 
Pharmacy Practice Chris Simonchris.simon@ndsu.edu231-9778
PhilosophyJack Jackson 231-8654 
Physics Patty Hartsochpatty.hartsoch@ndsu.edu231-8974 
PhysicsPaul Omernikpaul.omernik@ndsu.edu231-7047
Plant Pathology Darla Bakkodarla.bakko@ndsu.edu231-8866 
Plant Pathology Barbara NillesBarbara.nilles@ndsu.edu231-8362
Plant Sciences Eileen Buringrud 231-7973 
Plant Science – Extension Eileen Buringrud 231-7973 
President's Office La Donna De Geldereladonna.degeldere@ndsu.edu231-8522
Provost's OfficeMelissa Lampmelissa.lamp@ndsu.edu231-6133
Provost's OfficeKaren Braunkaren.braun@ndsu.edu231-7131
Publication Services Amy Ochoa

Purchasing Jane Busko 231-8346 
Range ScienceDiane Penningtondiane.pennington@ndsu.edu231-7582
Research Ext. Centers Janelle Quamjanelle.quam@ndsu.edu231-7655 
Research Ext. Centers Blair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
Registration and Records Andrew Klein 231-7983 
Registration and RecordsJodi Piercejodi.pierce@ndsu.edu231-7988
Religion Jack Jackson 231-8654 
Research Administration Becky Hellman 231-5872 
Research Foundation Becky 231-5872 
Residence Life Jason 231-8418
ROTC Jean Hagen 231-8186 
School of Education Lea Roberts 231-7921 
School of Food SystemsChar Kussc.kuss@ndsu.edu231-7712
School of Natural Resource SciencesJacinda Wollanjacinda.wollan@ndsu.edu231-8901
School of NursingMelissa Eslingermelissa.eslinger@ndsu.edu231-9489
School of NursingLori Askewloretta.askew@ndsu.edu231-5692
Seed Propagation Eileen Buringrud 231-7973 
Sociology and AnthropologyChristy Riddle

Soil Science Valerie Larsonvalerie.larson@ndsu.edu231-8882 
Soil Science Jacinda Wollanjacinda.wollan@ndsu.edu231-8901
Southwest District Office--Extension Sandy Erickson sandra.k.erickson@ndsu.edu328-9718 
Spectrum (see Board of Student Publications)
Sponsored Programs Administration Becky Hellman 231-5872 
Statistics Ryan Niemannryan.niemann@ndsu.edu231- 6727
Student Government Paul Wraalstadpaul.wraalstad@ndsu.edu231-8236 
Student Health Service Patricia Dirkpatricia.dirk@ndsu.edu231-8758 
Student Health ServiceTerri Porterterri.porter@ndsu.edu231-6366
Student Life Mary Asheim

Student Loan Center Theresa McMullentheresa.mcmullen@ndsu.edu231-9549 
Student Loan Center Kelly BisekKelly.bisek@ndsu.edu231-9547
Student Success ProgramsNancy Muellernancy.Mueller@ndsu.edu231-8379
Technology Transfer Center Steve Gruver 231-6113 
Telecommunications and Emergency Support TechnologiesJason Blosser

Telecommunications and Emergency Support TechnologiesCindy 231-8431
Telecommunications and Emergency Support TechnologiesBrian Millerbrian.miller@ndsu.edu231-6332
Telecommunications and Emergency Support TechnologiesJayme Pfeiferjayme.pfeifer@ndsu.edu231-5125
Telecommunications and Emergency Support TechnologiesSusan Jensteadsusan.jenstead@ndsu.edu231-7199
Theatre Arts Bill Law 231-7420 
Theatre Arts Tammy 231-7932 
Tri College Donna Kristianson 231-9734 
TRIOTamara Blanichtamara.blanich@ndsu.edu231-7315
University Police and Safety OfficeChristina Rodenbiker

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute Mitch Hoffart 231-8074 
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute Megan Bouretmegan.s.bouret@ndsu.edu231-6263
USDA/NASS Renee Steen 239-5306 
Veterinary Diagnostic LabKenfrey Mbubakenfrey.mbuba@ndsu.edu231-8344
Veterinary/Microbiological Science Jerie Littlejerie.little@ndsu.edu231-7512
Vice President - Agricultural AffairsBlair Johnsonblair.johnson@ndsu.edu231-7896
Vice President - Agricultural AffairsJanelle Quamjanelle.quam@ndsu.edu231-7655
Vice President - Agriculture - ExtensionMargaret Olson margaret.olson@ndsu.edu231-7656 
Vice President - Finance and  AdministrationKim Matzke-Terneskim.matzke-ternes@ndsu.edu231-7080 
Vice President - Finance and  AdministrationNathan Johnsonnate.mark.johnson@ndsu.edu231-9764
Vice President - Information Technology (see IT Division) 
Vice President - University Relations Amy Ochoaamy.ochoa@ndsu.edu231-1068 
Visual Arts Kelly 231-8818
Wallman Wellness Center Jeffrey Dertingerjeff.dertinger@ndsu.edu231-5213
Women & Gender StudiesAnn Burnett

Women & Gender StudiesNancy Nelsonnancy.nelson@ndsu.edu231-8338
Women & Gender StudiesErienne Fawcetterienne.fawcett@ndsu.edu231-6157

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