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Covered by the University System

Acceptable Use:

Academic Learning, Academic Research

Use Requirements:

Student, Faculty and Staff Personal Computers

Type of License:



Windows Only

ESRI-GIS Software

Information contained on this page is subject to change without notice:

ESRI Virtual Campus
Free access to ESRI Virtual Campus training is available. To take advantage of these courses, send an email to software licensing. You will need to include your name and the name of any course(s) you wish to take. The course list is available here.

The Following ESRI Software is Available Through the Software Licensing Program:
Please consult your NDSU Software Contact to order licenses.
ESRI licenses are non-prorated and annually renewable.

ESRI 10 Bundle includes:
ANY and all ESRI Products available through our agreement, including:

  • Desktop GIS

    • ArcInfo
    • ArcEditor
    • ArcView
    • ArcGIS extensions: 

      • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
      • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
      • ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
      • ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
      • ArcGIS Workflow Manager
      • ArcGIS Publisher
      • ArcGIS Schematics
      • ArcScan for ArcGIS
      • Maplex for ArcGIS
      • ArcGIS Network Analyst

  • Server GIS

    • ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise with Spatial, 3D, and Network Extensions (no data included with Network Extension)
    • ArcGIS Server Advanced Workgroup, with Extensions
    • ArcGIS Tracking Server
    • ArcIMS

  • Mobile GIS

    • ArcGIS Mobile
    • ArcPad

  • Specialized GIS

    • Esri Production Mapping

  • Business GIS

    • ArcLogistics 

  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Accounts

One license per stand-alone ESRI product.

ArcPad may be installed on multiple PDAs.

Use of Bing Maps with ArcGIS
Once you obtain a key from Microsoft, you will be able to use Bing Maps in your Web and mobile applications as well as on ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS web APIs, all ArcGIS mobile software development kits (SDK), and ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS for Desktop will be affected in different ways, depending on the version you have:

  • ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop has a built-in capability to add a Bing Maps key.
  • ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop users can install a patch to use their Bing Maps key.
  • ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop users can install a patch to use their Bing Maps key.
  • ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 will no longer support the use of Bing Maps. To continue using Bing Maps, you will have to upgrade to a newer version of ArcGIS for Desktop.

Get more details about using Bing Maps with ArcGIS.

Have You Tried the ArcGIS Online World Imagery Map? It’s a Great Alternative!
The complimentary World Imagery Map is updated frequently and provides 1-meter scale or better satellite imagery for many parts of the world. It includes recent and detailed aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe at 30 cm for the continental United States down to 1:1,000 scale, 60 cm imagery for large parts of Western Europe down to 1:2,000 scale, and 1 m imagery for other areas in the world.

Try Other Free ArcGIS Online Basemaps
In addition to the World Imagery Map, ArcGIS Online gives you access to a number of different basemaps that you can use in your projects. The World Street Map, World Topographic Map, Light Gray Canvas Map, and National Geographic World Map provide a range of cartographic options to meet your needs.

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