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NDSU Software Licensing

The Microsoft Campus Agreement at NDSU

The Microsoft Campus Agreement program provides licenses for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for all university-owned computers.  Additionally, the MCA allows faculty and staff to purchase one copy of MS Office for home use at a significant discount.

MCA and NDSU-owned computers

Although the MCA represents a significant cost and time savings for the university, most faculty and staff will not see a change in the way they order software.

Software licensing contacts in departments and business units will continue to handle requests for software. The difference is that departments will not receive a bill for Microsoft Office or Windows, as these are licensed for use on the whole campus.

MCA and software for home use

NDSU employees are eligible to purchase Microsoft Office for Windows or Macintosh for $9.95 to download or add $12 to have a DVD shipped.

To purchase Microsoft Office for home use, employees should contact the software licensing contact for their department or business unit. The software licensing contact can provide the Web site and password where the software can be purchased using a personal credit card. 

Please note that employment status is verified during ordering to ensure that only eligible university employees can purchase the software. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MCA for Home Use

Q: How many copies can each faculty/staff member purchase?

A. Only one copy per employee is allowed.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of MS Office under the MCA?

A. Contact the software licensing contact for your department or business unit.

Q: Who is eligible to participate?

A. The following individuals are eligible to participate:

  • Regular full-time and part-time employees - exempt and non-exempt
  • Temporary full-time and part-time employees - exempt and non-exempt
  • Graduate students with a current assistantship who are paid by stipend (but NOT other students or other student employees)

Q:  How long can I keep the software on my home computer? How long does the license last?

A: You can keep the software on your personal computer as long as you are employed with North Dakota State University. Once you leave the software will need to be removed. 

Q:  Can I use the installation disks that are used for university computers to install my home version?

A:  No. Although the software is similar, the home use licensing is only legal if you use the installation disk that you order online.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have other questions?

A:  You should contact your departmental software contact.

Q:  Will NDSU's ITS Help Desk install the software for me?

A:  The NDSU Help Desk does not provide support for home computers but will provide over-the-phone installation assistance if needed.

Q:  When does the home use option start? When can I purchase the software for my home computer?

A:  The home use option is available now. To purchase the software, please contact your departmental software contact. There is a two-step process that take about 10 minutes to complete.

Q:  After I have ordered, how long does it take for the software to arrive?

A:  Once you complete the purchase, you can download the software and use it immediately. If you order the backup disks, they will be delivered by U.S. Mail or other shipping service in approximately 15 days. (Express shipping is not available.)

Q:  Can I download one copy for my home laptop and another for my home desktop?

A:  No, you can only purchase one copy for home use.

Q:  What software is available for at home use?

A:  NDSU employees many purchase Office for Windows or Macintosh. Microsoft Windows is not available through the campus agreement.

Q:  Are any other Microsoft programs available for home us through MCA?

A:  No. Only Microsoft Office is available through this program. Other software can be purchased through the NDSU Bookstore.

New Software:

  • Mathematica 10.2
  • Minitab 17
  • SAS 9.4
  • SPSS 22
  • ESRI 10.2.2

Please contact Software Licensing for more information at 231-8685 (option 4).

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