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NDSU Software Licensing

1.  Insert the Office 2007 DVD into your DVD player on your computer.  It should Autoplay and after about 10-20 seconds you should see the first screen below.  Office is installing some files to get ready for setup.

2.  Next the Microsoft Software License Terms screen will appear.  Check the box at the bottom left that says I accept the terms of this agreement, by clicking your mouse over the box.  Then click on the Continue button.

3.  The next screen will say Choose The Installtion You Want.  Click on the Customize button.

4.  The next screen will have three tabs at the top, with the Installtion Options tab active.  You do not need to change tabs here.  First just Left Click (once) your mouse on the top box that is next to the label that says Microsoft Office.  You will then get a drop down type of box that gives you the three options 1 - Run from My Computer  2 - Run all from My Computer  3 - Installed on First Use.  Select (2) Run all from My Computer.  Once you select that all of the boxes in that list will now turn White.  Some might have been grey colored, before you selected that. 


If you have selected Run all from My Computer and some of the boxes are still grey, that is ok, it just means that you don't have Microsoft's .NET updates installed on your computer.  This is not something that is needed for day to day operations.  If you would like to have these installed before you continue installation, just call the Help Desk (1-8685 option 1) and ask them if they can walk you through installing the .NET updates from Microsofts Windows Update page.  Once this is done go back through the installation, and this time they should be all white in color.

5.  The boxes should all be white and now look like the picture above.  Click on the Install Now button in the bottom right corner.

6.  Office will begin the install process.


7.  Finally Click on the Close Button and you are now finished with the install.


New Software:

  • Mathematica 10.2
  • Minitab 17
  • SAS 9.4
  • SPSS 22
  • ESRI 10.2.2

Please contact Software Licensing for more information at 231-8685 (option 4).

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