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Web Application Programmer

Hours Per Week:
Starting Wage: Depends on experience/hourly
Reports To: Software Engineer

A Web Application Programmer will be responsible for coding, testing, documenting, and maintaining Web applications within a prescribed application framework. All programming will be done under the supervision of a project engineer. The project engineer will ensure that the programmer's work meets the NDSU client department's needs. Applicants must have the ability to learn and adopt new programming techniques and application frameworks quickly in order to work productively under a project engineer. The position provides deep technical expertise in the development and support of Web applications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Program, test, document, debug and maintain Web applications.
  • Work with Database Administrators, project team members, lead engineer, and other clients to refine design requirements and to implement technical specifications.
  • Illustrate programmatic processes using logical workflows.
  • Solve a range of interoperability issues that may exist in the NDSU / NDUS environments.
  • Follow a project engineer’s lead to ensure quality in the design and implementation of Web software.
  • Responsible for WAI/508 conformance and for providing interface and user experience consistency across applications.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Object Oriented Programming experience using Java.
  • Capable of reading and implementing an API.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to interact effectively with teams and clients in a professional manner.
  • Ability to handle multiple, concurrent project tasks and overlapping deadlines.
  • A full-time NDSU student. 
  • Willing to commit at least 20 hours and as much as 40 hours per week during Summer 2017 semester, and 15-20 hours per week during Fall 2017 semester. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience using an IDE for programming and debugging work.
  • Comfortable using a Linux shell.
  • Experience implementing templates to layout and organize Web content (the templates might have been designed by others).
  • Experience using a version control system.

REQUIRED Application Materials:

  • An online application.
  • A current Resume that includes your professional and educational experience.
  • A Cover Letter for this specific job in which you detail at least one project on which you have worked that exemplifies proficiency in all of the minimum requirements and as many of the preferred requirements as possible for the Web Application Programmer position.  In describing the project(s), include:

    1. The task(s) that a client or an instructor presented to you or as you defined it, if the project was one you devised.
    2. The steps that you took to execute the work.
    3. If a team was involved, outline the role that you played on the project and describe the significance of your role as it related to the project as a whole.
    4. The programming language(s) used to carry out the work.

  • Attach and submit the code for a sample project.

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