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Audacity is a free, versatile, easy-to-use software program for working with audio and is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.  It is full-featured and makes editing music or other sounds easy.

Download Audacity

Audacity Setup: To set up Audacity on your computer to export audio as mp3 files, you will need to follow these directions:
(The NDSU computers already support this function.

Getting Started in Audacity: Audacity Reference Card

Audacity Tutorials

NDSU Audacity Tutorial

Audacity FAQs and LibriVox

Audacity Video Tutorials:

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File Formats

Audacity and File Formats

The table below can help you estimate the kind of mp3 quality/compression and bit rates to use for your own applications. We also give you approximate file sizes to help you compare. For most in-class audio lectures 32 kbps will work. For supplemental recordings that are shorter in length, 64kbps-96kbps will offer better audio quality. 

FormatBit rateFile size/minuteNotes
WAVuncompressed10 MBIf the wav file was sampled at 16 bits/44.1 kHz, you've got CD quality sound
MP3160 kbps1.5 MBVery low compression, superior sound quality
MP3128 kbps1 MBThe standard "CD quality" bit rate
MP396 kbps700 KConsidered "near CD quality"
MP364 kbps400 KSlightly lower than FM radio station
MP332 kbps250 KLower quality audio, low file size. Good for recording long lectures and keeping file size small.


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Audio Recording Studio

An audio recording studio is available for students to use. To reserve the audio recording studio, contact

Ripping Audio Files in Windows Media Player

This tutorial can help you to rip audio files from a CD in Windows Media player.  Watch the video for valuable tips that will save you time and trouble later.

Get Help

TLMC – Quentin Burdick Building 150C - Students are on duty to assist you. Visit the TLMC Web site for information about open lab hours and services:

Equipment – Headphones with microphones are available at the TLMC, and some are available for checkout (with NDSU ID) at the Help Desk in Quentin Burdick Building 150.

Technology Learning and Media Center
Quentin Burdick Building 150 C
Phone: 701-231-5130

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