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NDSU Outlook 2010 - Tips 'n Tricks
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Now that the 'dust has settled' . . . somewhat . . . and you've maybe used the new NDSU Outlook for email and calendaring for a bit, it's time to take a few minutes and learn some simple tricks to make Outlook do what you'd like it to do!

If you're still using Outlook 2007 rather than Outlook 2010 to access your NDSU Outlook email and calendar, we strongly recommend upgrading to Office 2010 (which includes Outlook 2010) as soon as possible!

Regardless of which version you're using, this LunchBytes session will show you many quick tips and tricks for using Outlook efficiently. Outlook is a complex application - no matter how many tricks you already know, there are always more to learn.

We've put together some powerful tips that apply mostly to the new features in Outlook 2010, and also to a few of the older features that work differently from the way they worked before Outlook 2010, plus we'll look at some tricks that will work in either version of Outlook.

If you spend a lot of time in Mail or Calendar, these tips can help you achieve more and feel good about your productivity since the migration to NDSU Outlook!

Outlook 2010 - Tips 'n Tricks Handout (PDF)

ITS NDSU Outlook Resources Site (http://www.ndsu.edu/its/help_desk/ndsu_outlook_hub/)

10+ Tips for Working in Outlook's Calendar View

Manage Another Person's Mail and Calendar Items

View Email Messages by "Conversation" (the Conversation View - New in Outlook 2010)

Create & Use Email Templates in Outlook 2010

4 Ways to Take Control of your Email Inbox

Best Practices for Outlook 2010




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Last Updated: September 23, 2015