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Fall 2002

Vol. 03, No. 1


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Just a short note to respond to my own letter (p. 7 ... spring issue). Somehow the meaning of the next to last sentence became inverted. It should read " ... I understood being spit at in the face by a Cameroonian man. .... "
David Nelson

Jerry Richardson's article on Katherine Burgum was brilliant and well deserved. Please permit me to make one correction. The Litten residence was 1134 N. 3rd St. Warner did not move to 1045 N. Broadway until the late '40s, several years after his marriage to Betty Baillie. One other note. Horace Mann school was a grade (1-8) school, not a junior high.
David L. Litten

Your article on "Lowell and Inge" in NDSU magazine Spring 2001 p. 14 seems to err. No Helsper was "first territorial governor of Minnesota." The article here seems totally confused. In what sense is Sept. 17 "Helsper Day in Minnesota." Bison Chips!! Please correct your error!
Dr. D.L. Ouren
Glenwood, Minnesota

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