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Fall 2003

Vol. 04, No. 1


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Just read your recent "Editor's Note" -- ran into the "you don't look like you're from North Dakota" comment a lot when I first came out East. Never did figure out what we're supposed to look like -- Minnesota Swedes or Norwegians, maybe? That comment was usually followed by "actually, I never met anyone from North Dakota before" -- after which I'd introduce the speaker to my wife, another native Nodaker, so they could double their ND acquaintances at one time! But the best line I got was from a guy from New Jersey (New Jersey yet!) who closed the conversation by telling me that he had not previously actually believed ND existed, as he had never been there, had never met any one from there, and had thought it was just one of those "rectangular states they used on the map to separate the East Coast from California!"
Gary Krump

Thank you for the NDSU Magazine you sent me. I like its format -- informative and easy reading ... and yes, its quality is tops. I also thank NDSU for all the printed materials it has been sending me all through the years since I completed my PhD (Entomology) there in 1988. Too bad, I haven't had any opportunity to visit my Alma Mater even just once. Maybe a research fellowship in NDSU, someday?
Currently, I am the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension at the University of the Philippines Los Banos located at College, Laguna, Philippines.
More power to you and your staff, and of course, to my beloved NDSU.
Yours sincerely,
Augusto C. Sumalde

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.