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Fall 2003

Vol. 04, No. 1


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Theatre passion

ONE GUY SKETCHED A BIT, THE NEXT HAMMERED IT INTO BEING, AND THE LAST PAID THE BILL. What starts as a doodle on a sketchpad can become an intriguing sculpture, a stainless steel rendering of the comedy and tragedy masks associated with theatre. Passersby also believe it looks a bit like an edgy abstract version of the university's athletic mascot, a charging bison. At any rate, people like the piece.

Don Larew, longtime professor of theatre arts, donated the sculpture to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Little Country Theatre at North Dakota State University.

Todd W. Johnson, technical director for the theatre, did the sketches. Rick J. Woodland finished the sculpture. The sculpture is on the corner of Twelfth Avenue and Albrecht Boulevard.

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