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Fall 2004

Vol. 05, No. 1


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It was with great interest and a sense of excitement that I read your last issue and its feature on the "Woolyboys." First, I must say, it was a pleasure to see Jerry Richardson's byline in print again. I haven't seen the movie Woolyboys yet, but I will when it comes around. I was a guest of my old classmates Ken and Jan Promersberger at the Los Angeles film premier of their opening of "Iron Will." It was an exciting evening, complete with a mix of holiday stars, North Dakota classmates, and Hollywood media. We dropped the Promersbergers off at their hotel at around 1:30 Sunday morning and about three hours later the Northridge Earthquake struck.
Jerry mentions in his article that Ken once sold advertising for the Spectrum. I remember him as more than that. The year I was editor, Ken was the managing editor, which meant he ran the business side of the operation. We had a similar goal, but different aims: we both wanted larger issues, him to generate more advertising revenue because it produced greater profit for the sales staff (all SAE fraternity brothers of his, if I recall correctly), and me, because I wanted more column inches for my ambitious reporting staff.
Thanks for featuring two great alumni. Ken and Jan have been doing interesting, exciting things for as long as I've known them. Keep your eye on them: in a couple of years, they'll have something new worth writing about again.
Joe Schneider
Class of '65

I am a 1939 alumnus of NDSU. I enjoy receiving the magazine telling of all the new things happening at the university. My education there prepared me very well for a career in engineering, much of it aerospace engineering at a time when aerospace exploration was in its infancy. I am now 88 years old and reside in Akron, Ohio, where I have lived almost since graduating. I would enjoy hearing from other alumni or current students/staff from the university.
Thank you.
Donald R. Thompson
Class of '39

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.