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Spring 2005

Vol. 05, No. 2


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Fantastic job on the fall issue of NDSU magazine. My typical routine when the magazine arrives is to page through it and look at the pictures and throw it in the recycle pile but not this one. Starting with your editor's note
I was hooked. I have completed a handful of marathons and couldn't agree more with your thoughts. Wasn't it nice to see the capitol at the finish line? Congratulations by the way. From your editorial I continued to read the whole magazine cover to cover and found the reading very informative and enjoyable. Dr. Dale Herman is the craziest tree enthusiast I have ever met.
I graduated with a BS in Horticulture in 1993 and took four classes from Dale. He was a very tough teacher but to his credit I know more trees than anyone I have ever met. You mixed the history of NDSU (Consolation College with great pictures) very well with the new flavor of downtown Fargo (Fargcool).
Thank you for the enjoyable read and I promise I will look at future issues a little bit closer. Keep up the good work.
Brett Hetland
Okoboji, Iowa

I just received Vol. 5, No. 1. We receive so many alumni and university magazines, most go straight to our archives with few second glances. Not so this. I sat down with this beautiful magazine and looked through it front to back and back to front, admiring the photography and design, as well as the writing that I glanced through.
I look forward to giving this a close read, and sharing it with my colleagues here, but I first wanted to fire off a quick note of congrats and thanks. Your readers are well served.
Cheers from Kansas
Chris Lazzarino, associate editor
Kansas Alumni magazine
Lawrence, Kan.

Just read this month's issue of NDSU magazine, and saw a picture of Nick Kelsh. Nick and I worked together at Spectrum, Quoin Magazine and the Last Picture Book while I was at NDSU.
Loved the story by Bill Snyder, too. I used to work with Bill back in the days when I was with a Bismarck advertising company.
Dennis Hill
Mandan, ND

I was at the Fargo airport last night and happened to stumble across a copy of NDSU magazine. As I perused the Fall 2004 issue I particularly enjoyed your editor's note. I have toyed with the notion of training for a marathon for quite some time even though I have not run in any sort of a race since grade school some 20 years ago. And I was encouraged by your article.
Jay Price

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.