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Spring 2005

Vol. 05, No. 2


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Dress by Amanda Henderson

"Dress" mixed media collage, 36" x 24"

Dress is based on the form of a dress mannequin, which, on the outside, resembles an idealized human form. Underneath this outward appearance is the structure that holds the pieces of the form together. These outward pieces, however, are pulling apart - almost disintegrating - exposing the less perfect structure of the interior, just as humans have an inner essence that might, at times, be revealed.

Amanda Henderson

Amanda Henderson grew up in the small town of Scranton, in wild southwestern North Dakota. Perhaps thanks to the influence of her carpenter/contractor father, she decided to study architecture at North Dakota State University, earning her degree in 2003. In the process, she immersed herself in as much art as possible and is now working on a bachelor of fine arts degree.
"Both art and architecture have the ability to influence how we see and experience the world in which we live, and it is important to find a blend of the two fields to be a part of into the future."

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