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FALL 2006

Vol. 07, No. 1


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Bruce Sundeen is, by day, a video production specialist at North Dakota State University, a position he's held for just more than nine years. He has experience as a television news reporter and photographer, and is working on his master's degree in communication at NDSU. His resume is impressive, evidence of a collegial, hard working good guy. Those qualities show up in his photographs, especially the shots from his travels to India in this issue. His ability to establish rapport with people is not impeded by language barriers, and he has a good eye. He did learn a bit of the local dialect in India, and for that effort, got a rare shot of a little girl who heard him call to her in her familiar language, but was visibly stunned to have turned to see someone so unfamiliar. He drew crowds wherever he traveled, and most times the groups wanted their picture taken with the photographer.

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