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On the cover artist

halfway crossing - Intercepting Bystanders, 2012
Oil on canvas, 60" x 26"

Every work of art contains a journey, but not every work has a particular destination. This painting is special because it encapsulates my feelings from a particular experience in lake country. In the field of the painting, I offer a colorful emotive response to that unique part of the country. I find lake country extraordinary in that it feels both boundary-less and comforting.

about the artist
Jessica Wachter grew up in Bismarck, and now lives in Fargo. Her show, Beyond Convention, is on view in the second floor Art View space at the Plains Art Museum. She graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor's degree in art and a minor in interior design. Wachter is a member of the NDSU Bison Arts Board, assistant curator and events coordinator at ecce gallery, and teaches the after school art class, CHARISM Faces program. The artist has shown in numerous exhibitions in the region, including the NDSU Juried Student Exhibit at Memorial Union Art Gallery, where she received the People's Choice Award and was featured in the NDSU Magazine in spring 2009. Many pieces reside in both public and private collections.
[photo: Lance Thorn]

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.