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Costuming Catherine

Costuming Catherine
the Great

Kelsy Hewitt made this Catherine the Great costume for a fall theater production. More specifically, she was the pattern maker, draper and stitcher, technical terms in her field, for which she is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Technology with an emphasis in costume design. She spent about 110 hours of shop time completing the piece, starting from just a sketch. The outer jacket alone took seven yards of fabric, and the entire piece involved four fittings, a couture technique of creating the gown directly on to the figure. It was mentally, physically and emotionally challenging, she says, but a good exercise in problem solving.

Anna Pieri is the actress who wore the gown in NDSU's fall theatre production of "Handing Down the Names."

This is the centennial season for NDSU's theatre program, originally known as Little Country Theatre and now LCT Productions.

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