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Political Science/Public Service Option

The political science major at North Dakota State University has a special public service option that provides students with the opportunity to concentrate their course work in nonteaching and nonlaw professional areas of study and enables them to prepare for private and public sector employment. The program provides students with a substantial background in the study of government, which comprises the fields of political behavior, political theory, international relations and the judiciary. Integrated within the curriculum of study is a nine-credit internship, which may be taken at various levels of government or with a major political party organization.

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Pre-Political Science Preparation

Students intent on pursuing an undergraduate degree in political science are enrolled as pre-professional students and must first meet grade point average and course work requirements in order to be admitted to the political science program. Once students satisfy all requirements, they complete and submit the political science application form, available on the department website. This form needs to be turned in to the department’s academic assistant. After verification that the student meets the requirements for acceptance, he or she is accepted into the professional program and can continue to pursue a degree in political science.

The Program

The public service option offers a program in government administration for those who aspire to future employment in government agencies.

Internship Program

Students have secured internships with the North Dakota State Legislature, North Dakota state governor, U.S. representatives, U.S. senators, local governments and businesses.

The Faculty

Thomas Ambrosio, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
            2000, University of Virginia
Nicholas Bauroth, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
            2003, Loyola University
Kjersten Nelson, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
            2009, University of Minnesota
Daniel Pemstein, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
            2010, University of Illinois at Urbabna-Champaign

Sample Curriculum

General Education RequirementsCredits
First Year Experience
  UNIV 189 - Skills for Academic Success1
  COMM 110 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
  ENGL 110, 120 - College Composition I, II 3, 3
  English Upper Division Writing3
Quantitative Reasoning
    STAT 330 - Introductory Statistics3
Science & Technology10
Humanities & Fine Arts6
Social and Behavioral Sciences
  POLS 110 - Introduction to Political Science or
   POLS 115 - American Government

  Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective3
Cultural Diversity-
Global Perspective-
College/Department Requirements
Humanities Elective(s) 3
Social Science Elective 3
Fine Arts Elective(s) 3
Total 9
Pre-Political Science Requirements
POLS - 100 OR 200 level course3
POLS 110 - Introduction to Political Science or
   POLS 115 - American Government

POLS 220 - International Politics or
   POLS 225 - Comparative Politics

POLS 240 - Political Ideologies3
Major Requirements
POLS 215 - Problems and Policies in American

POLS 325 - Applied Research Methods4
POLS 420 - Political Behavior-Executive-Legislative Process  3
POLS 422 - State and Local Politics3
POLS 430 - Constitutional Law-Civil Liberties or
   POLS 431 - Constitutional Law-Criminal Justice

POLS 442 - Global Policy Issues or
   POLS 444 - International Law or
     POLS 446 - Current Topics in International Law

POLS 450 - Politics of the Developing Countries or
   POLS 451 - Politics of the Industrialized Countries or
      POLS 452 - Comparative Political Economy

POLS 489 - Senior Seminar3
POLS 496 - Field Experience9
Supplemental Vocational Electives15
Additional Electives12

Note: In addition to the listed requirements, students must have a qualifying minor or meet the foreign language requirement.

This sample curriculum is not intended to serve as a curriculum guide for current students, but rather an example of course offerings for prospective students. For the curriculum requirements in effect at the time of entrance into a program, consult with an academic adviser or with the Office of Registration and Records.

Criminal Justice & Public Policy Bldg
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Criminal Justice & Public Policy Bldg is located at CJPP 110 (Campus Map)

Contact Information

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North Dakota State University
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Tel: (701) 231-8567 / Fax: (701) 231-5877

Office of Admission
North Dakota State University
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