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Math Club

The Mathematics Department has an active and interested undergraduate body which runs a Math Club. Amongst its activities is a weekly meeting, where mathematical topics are discussed.


This year's president: Halley Fritze

Meeting Date, Time and Location

Please see the individual talk listings below for this information.

Recent Talks
  • Math Club

    Dr. Artem Novozhilov to speak on

    Cracking the Genetic Code

  • Math Club

    Prof. Dogan Comez will speak on

    Dynamics of Gauss map and continued fraction representation of real numbers.

  • Math Club

    Faraad Armwood to speak on

    Surfaces, Orientation and Integration

  • Math Club

    Dr Artem Novozhilov to speak on

    What are Mandelbrot and Julia sets and how to plot them in Mathematica?

  • Math Club

    Dr Friedrich Littmann to speak on

    Primes and Euler products

  • Math Club

    Dr Azer Akhmedov to speak on

    Two Theorems on Pizza

  • Math Club

    Dogan Comez to speak on

    Dynamical representation processes of numbers

  • Math Club

    Faraad Armwood (Marquis) to speak on

    Measure Curvature

  • Math Club

    Micheal Marmorstein to speak on

    Solutions to Linear and Quadratic Congruences

  • Math Club

    Brandon Allen will speak on

    Bluffing Your Way to Victory Using Game Theory

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