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AlanKallmeyeralan.kallmeyer@ndsu.edu231-8835Dolve 114
Professor and ChairTheoretical, Computational, and Experimental Solid Mechanics, Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials, Composite Materials. Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1995
FardadAzarmifardad.azarmi@ndsu.edu231-9784Dolve 105
Associate ProfessorThermal Spray Coatings, Cold Spraying, High Temperature Materials, Computational and Experimental Solid Mechanics, Advanced Manufacturing. Ph.D., University of Toronto, 2008
DilpreetBajwadilpreet.bajwa@ndsu.edu231-7279CME 120A
Associate ProfessorBiobased Polymer Composites, Wood Composites, Processing and Characterization, Recycled Materials Utilization, Durability Engineering via Weathering and Degradation Mechanisms. Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000.
JordiEstevadeordaljordi.estevadeordal@ndsu.edu231-9223Dolve 108
Associate ProfessorAdvanced laser techniques, thermo-fluid and spray diagnostics, 3D Particle Image Velocimetry, phosphorescence, infrared thermography, filtered Rayleigh scattering. Bio-fluid measurements. Ph.D., University of Houston, 1996.
AdamGladenadam.c.gladen@ndsu.edu231-7315CME 120F
Assistant ProfessorRenewable Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, Energy Storage - in particular Thermochemical Energy Storage, Thermodynamics, Solar Thermochemistry, Heat Transfer, Radiative Transfer in Participating Media, Solar Reactor Design Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2014
LongJianglong.jiang@ndsu.edu231-9512Dolve 207
Associate ProfessorNanoscale Materials Synthesis and Applications, Materials from Renewable Resources, Nanocomposites, Carbonaceous Materials, Polymeric Materials Processing and Functionalization. Ph.D. Nanyang Technological University, 2003
GhodratKaramig.karami@ndsu.edu231-5859Dolve 116
Professor & Graduate Program CoordinatorComputational Solid Mechanics, Finite and Boundary Elements, Composite Micro and Nanomechanics Analysis, Continuum Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Nonlinear and Large Deformation Analysis, Thermoelastic Analysis. Ph.D., Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, 1984
SumathyKrishnansumathy.krishnan@ndsu.edu231-7139Dolve 109
ProfessorSolar thermal applications; Photvoltaic systems; Integrated renewable energy systems (wind, biomass, solar). Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, 1995
G. H.Nazarig.nazari@ndsu.edu231-6493Dolve 102
LecturerKinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Machine Design, Solid Mechanics, and Fatigue of Engineering Materials. Ph.D., Texas A & M University, 1977
RobertPierirobert.pieri@ndsu.edu231-8673Dolve 210
ProfessorMechanical Response of Materials, Manufacturing and Production, Mechanical Design. Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1987
MajuraSelekwamajura.selekwa@ndsu.edu231-5667Dolve 106
Associate ProfessorControl Systems, Dynamics, Robotics & Mechatronic Systems. Ph.D., Florida A&M University, 2001
MichaelStewartmichael.stewart@ndsu.edu231-6316Dolve 214
LecturerThermodynamics, Fluids. Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1979
Yildirim BoraSuzenbora.suzen@ndsu.edu231-8302Dolve 107
Associate ProfessorComputational Fluid Dynamics, Transition and Turbulence Modeling, Turbomachinery, Active/Adaptive Flow Control, High Performance Parallel Computing. Ph.D., Wichita State University, 1998
Xiangqing (Annie)Tangpongannie.tangpong@ndsu.edu231-8839Dolve 104
Associate ProfessorVibrations, dynamics and friction: friction-vibration interaction; friction damping in rotating structures; damping in nanocomposites and biomaterials. Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University, 2006
ChadUlvenchad.ulven@ndsu.edu231-5641Dolve 103
Associate Professor & Associate ChairPolymer and Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) Materials, PMC Processing Technologies, Response of PMCs to Dynamic Loading. Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2005 214
Associate ProfessorSynthesis of Nanomaterials, Nanomechanical Characterization, Nanomanipulation; Biomechanics. Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 2008 216
Associate ProfessorMicrofluidics, Biofluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, and Characterization of Organic Coatings. Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park, 2007
XiangfaWuxiangfa.wu@ndsu.edu231-8836Dolve 206
Associate ProfessorMultifunctional nanofibers and nanocomposites, polymer matrix composites, thin film and soft materials; nanomanufacturing and process modeling; damage, fatigue and NDE of composites, fracture mechanics and impact mechanics; nanomechanics and computational materials science. Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2003
YanZhangyan.zhang.4@ndsu.edu231-9217Dolve 205
Assistant ProfessorExperimental Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Flow Diagnostic Techniques, Wind Engineering and Wind Hazard Mitigation, Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Cardiovascular Hemodynamics Modeling. Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2013
MariuszZiejewskimariusz.ziejewski@ndsu.edu231-7098Dolve 208
ProfessorBiomechanics, Head/Neck/Brain Computer Modeling, Vehicle Dynamics, Finite Element Modeling. Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 1986
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