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Graduate Students - Dr. Alan Kallmeyer, Advisor

Names, Degrees, Projects

Sandip Suman, PhD, Spring 2010 (expected), Fatigue Damage Accumulation in Metals under Multiaxial Loadings

Eric Goodin, MS, Spring 2008 (expected), LCF/HCF Interactions under Multiaxial Loadings

Siegfried Feierabend, MS, Fall 2007, A Critical Plane Approach for Modeling Multiaxial Fatigue Damage in High Strength Alloys

Aaran Joneson, MS, Fall 2007, Fatigue Induced Microcracking in [0/90] Composite Laminates with High Ductility Resin Systems

Matthew Erickson, MS, Spring 2006, Development of a Multiaxial Fatigue Model for Metals using a Critical Plane Methodology

Mitch Okeson, MS, Spring 2005 (co-advisor), Effects of Moisture and Low Temperature Thermal Cycling on Damage Growth in Fiberglass Laminates

Edward Peterson, MS, Spring 2004, The Effects of Moisture, Low Temperature, and Low-Temperature Thermal Cycling on the Strength and Stiffness of Unidirectional Carbon/Epoxy Laminates

David Booth, MS, Design and Flow Analysis of a Water Therapy Device

Ranjit Patil, MS, Fall 2003, Micromechanical Stress Analysis of Carbon-Epoxy Composite at Reduced Temperatures

Greg Finnes, MS, Spring 2003, Interaction Between Loading Frequency and Surface Temperature on the Fatigue Behavior of a Glass Mat Thermoplastic Composite

Ahmo Krgo, MS, Fall 2000, Evaluation of Multiaxial Fatigue Life Prediction Methodologies for Ti-6Al-4V under High Cycle Fatigue Loading

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