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Num Title Crd Description Notes
ME 711Advanced Engineering Analysis3Mathematical analysis and numerical treatment of engineering problems, eigenvalue problems in lumped and distributed parameter systems, advanced mathematics applied to engineering design.Required Core Course.
ME 712Advanced Finite Element Analysis3Application of finite element methods to problems of plasticity, viscoplasticity, fracture, vibrations, fluids, material and geometric non-linearity, and heat transfer.Recommended Prereq: ME 477/677.
ME 717Advanced Controls for Mechanical Systems3Analysis and design of multivariable control systems for robust stabilization and optimal performance of mechanical systems.
ME 722Advanced Mechanics of Materials3Stress, deformation, failure analysis of deformable bodies and structures under static and dynamic loadings, fundamental concepts and definitions in stress, strain, energy methods, plasticity, fracture, fatigue, creep, contact, impact and stability of solid bodies and plate bending problems.Core Course. Recommended Prereq: ME 223.
ME 725Advanced Mechanics and Failure of Composites3Concepts in static, dynamic, impact, and thermal analysis of anisotropic elastic materials. Failure theories, laminated theories, and micromechanics formulations of composites.Recommended Prereq: ME 474/674 and ME 477/677.
ME 731Mechanical Behavior of Materials3Fundamental concepts of elastic, viscoelastic, and plastic deformation of materials; emphasizing atomic and microstructure-mechanical property relationships. Theory of static and dynamic dislocations; fracture, fatigue, and creep as well as strengthening mechanisms in materials.Core Course. Recommended Prereq:ME 331, basic materials science course.
ME 734Smart Materials and Structures3Physics, chemistry, engineering principles and applications of smart materials and structures.Recommended Prereq: Any basic materials science (ME 331), solid state physics class (Phys 401 or 485), or CPM 472/672, 474/674.
ME 743Biomechanics of Impact3Fundamental sciences of engineering and human anatomy that form the basis of biomechanics of soft tissue and bone under dynamic conditions.Recommended Prereq: ME 331.
ME 751Advanced Thermodynamics3Rigorous treatment of thermodynamic principles. Emphasis on the concept of availability methods as applied to various engineering systems.Core Course. Recommended Prereq: ME 353.
ME 753Gas Dynamics3Fundamental concepts of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics used in the treatment of compressible flow, frictional flows, and flows with heat transfer or energy release.Recommended Prereq: ME 352.
ME 754Boundary Layer Theory3Fundamental laws of motion of a viscous fluid used in the consideration of laminar boundary layers, transition phenomena, and trubulent boundary layer flows.
ME 755Multiscale Fluid Dynamics3Fundamental principles of fluid dynamics in micro and nano scales and their applications to direct write nanofabrication technologies and fuel cells.
ME 761Heat Transmission I3Advanced study of heat conduction in solids. Analytical, graphical, and numerical evaluations of the temperature field. Use of advanced mathematical methods in the solution of boundary value problems.Core Course.
ME 726Fracture Mechanics3LEFM, energy release rate, stress intensity factor, fracture mechanics, j-integral, elasto-plastic fracture, crack tip plasticity, crack propagation, fracture fatigue crack growth, fracture tests, fracture in polymers, fracture in ceramics, composite fracture, delamination.Prereq: ME 442, 477.
ME 728Stress Waves in Solids3Introduction to fundamental concepts and principles of stess waves propagating in solid materials and relevant applications and experimental techniques.
ME 729Advanced Vibrations3Core Course. Prereq: ME 421
ME 733Polymer Nanocomposites3Fundamental concepts and principles of nanotechnology, nanostructured materials and nanocomposites; polymer nanocomposites processing, property characterization, and relevant modeling.
ME 736Advanced Surface Analysis3Topics covered in this course include tribology, introduction to deposition technologies, surface protection mechanisms, surface preparation for deposition, hard coatings, materials science of deposition, analytical techniques for surface characterization, evaluation of mechanical performance of deposited layer, case studies.
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