About us

First organized in 1998, North Dakota State University Society of Automotive Engineers (NDSU SAE) is a North Dakota State University affiliated student organization in the Mechanical Engineering Department. NDSU SAE participates in “The Collegiate Design Series,” a program overseen and sponsored in part by the Society of Automotive Engineers International.

Currently, NDSU SAE partipates in three competitions: Student Formula, Student Baja, and Student Clean Snowmobile. The NDSU SAE team consists of about 30 students with a majority of them being mechanical engineering students. However, SAE is open to all majors and years, including graduate students.

The NDSU SAE team is responsible for designing, fabricating, and testing the entire car. ProEngineer and Ansys software applications are used in the design process.

In addition, members gain valuable skill sets such as engineering and teamwork. Subsequently, many alumni have gone on to work for very successful companies.


How to Join

Any NDSU student can join NDSU SAE. Students from all majors and ranges of experience are welcome and needed. In addition to having an opportunity to become a race team member, you can be involved in the monthly meetings, including guest speakers and tours. SAE also hosts an annual CO2 car race. To become a member, simply contact us at NDSU.SAE@gmail.com.