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A prominent factor in today’s engineering is the increasing problem associated with pollution created using current forms of transportation. It is a mutually confirmed issue that has both designer and consumer searching for better ways to accomplish the same tasks in the most efficient way possible. The Clean Snowmobile Competition creates an environment for intellectual enhancement primarily focusing on this current issue while allowing students to “look outside the box,” promote environmental safety, and maintain performance.


The Clean Snowmobile Competition (CSC) with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is a design competition focusing on improving several environmental characteristics. The key characteristics include lower emissions, fuel economy, ergonomics and noise. The competition allows for a complete understanding of engineering processes from design, fabrication and application.


The 2013 NDSU SAE CSC Team will continue to improve the unique design implementation of using a diesel in the snowmobile. This year, there are plans for a common rail injection system retrofitted to the three cylinder Kubota diesel motor.


For the latest updates, follow the group on twitter @NDSUmotorsports.