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Guidelines for BUSN 413 Business Internship, and Instructions for the Approval Form

Students majoring in Business Administration, Management and Marketing are strongly encouraged to do an internship. The internship approval form is to be used when students want to earn credit for an internship experience. Busn 413, Business Internship, should be used when the student finds his/her own internship. For internships obtained through the Career Center, students must register for Univ 397, Cooperative Education. Students may earn up to three credits of free electives for Busn 413. The credits will not count as a business, management or marketing elective but will count toward the 126 total credits requirement.

Requirements and approval. Students are responsible for obtaining an internship position. Students should obtain a job description for the position and then meet with their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will review the job description to verify that the internship meets the department requirements. If it does, the advisor will complete the approval form and forward it to the department chair for final approval. The normal expectation is that each credit is equivalent to 50 work hours (150 hours for 3 credits).

Student Expectations. Students are required to submit a summary paper at the end of the internship experience or complete other criteria established by the faculty advisor. The student must also have their employer complete an evaluation form, which must also be returned at the end of the internship.

Grading. All internships are graded pass/fail.

Instructions for Approval Form

Step One: The student arranges a potential internship position and secures a job description from the employer.

Step Two: The student discusses the proposed internship with his/her advisor. The faculty member approves the internship to move to the next level or discusses with the student the reasons why the internship is not acceptable.

Step Three: The faculty member and student complete the internship approval form and forward it to the department chair for final approval. If approved, the department gives the student permission to register and also gives the student the employer evaluation form.

The student final paper and evaluation form must be turned in by finals week in the semester in which the student is registered.

Adam Fuller - Marketing

 MATBUS - City of Fargo
Quote: "I learned many different skills in this position. I designed promotional items, developed a community-wide marketing campaign valued at $60,000 with over 450 participants and expanded advertising in the downtown area with a $10,000 advertising campaign. This was a great first internship that helped build my resume".

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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