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Student Testimonials

The Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology offers a curriculum that is challenging and builds a skills set valued by employers. We’re proud to share the following comments and accomplishments from our sales students and alumni.

  • “I started off my career in sales with a confidence I never knew I would have. I owe it all to my sales class experiences at NDSU. As an NDSU alumnus, I will always be grateful for the education I received. If you asked me what class stood out from the rest, I would tell you Sales & Sales Force Management. This class helped me in almost every communication aspect. The benefits will last a lifetime."  Marshall Johnson, NDSU alumnus and employed as an Account Manager Coca-Cola Refreshments

  • "The Sales Center courses are relevant, well taught, and translate directly into possible careers. I was able to improve on my selling technique and learned the importance of the pre-approach part of the process when selling to new buyers. These skills and the knowledgeable professors have helped me continue on in my sales career with Ferguson."  Sam Schreier, NDSU alumnus and employed at Ferguson, A Wolseley Company

  • “I participated in a sales competition against numerous schools that have sales centers. Students, including myself, who participated, were heavily recruited by many companies, including a number of fortune 500 companies. With the combination of my sales experience as well as taking part in a sales competition, I was able to receive a job well before graduation. I am confident a sales center can do the same for many more students of any major.”  Shane Ward, NDSU alumnus; employed at Hormel

  • “The curriculum can be very difficult and challenging however, "sales and personal selling" was the most useful class that I have taken in my undergraduate experience at NDSU. It gave the students a chance to meet and interact with different companies. One of the companies ended up hiring me for my first full-time sales job”  Jessica Hurlbut, NDSU alumnus and employed at Ferguson, A Wolseley Company

  • "Upon completing sales courses offered at NDSU, students will find themselves more prepared, well-rounded, and self-confident to take on a greater variety of business interactions, even in other career paths."  James Parise, NDSU student

  • “This was a great opportunity for me to open up to the world of sales. Everything from creating a sales script to thinking on the fly and saying what is needed to be said in a sales situation. I had no sales experience before I took the sales curriculum and was focused on being a business manager. After what the sales curriculum has taught me, I am seriously considering in a career in sales because I learned so much and it was a great experience.”  Tim Dunn, NDSU Student
  •  “The sales program has given me so much passion for providing solutions for individuals and businesses.  Students will become extremely confident after taking Sales and Personal Selling. I never would have imagined myself being able to handle objections so well in all types of situations, even beyond sales scenarios. Since the majority of entry-level positions fall into the sales category, I think the sales program has helped set us up for success. We are able to enter any career already prepared to handle whatever objections people may have with strategies taught to us by professors who have actual experience in the field.” Emily Sumpmann, NDSU alum; Employed as Director of Admissions, St. John Neumann Catholic High School

Sam Schreier

Shane Ward

Jessica Hurlbut

Tim Dunn

Emily Sumpmann

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