Biotechnology and Microbiology Club


The main goal of the Biotechnology and Microbiology Club is to provide a space for students with an interest in micro/biotech to gather, learn, network, and have fun. To that end, the BMC:

  • organizes career-building opportunities, including conversations with research faculty, a spring trip, and opportunities for networking with potential employers, mentors, internship advisors, etc
  • encourages further learning about micro/biotech through journal clubs
  • participates in volunteer activities in the FM area


  • meetings are held every other Wednesday at 5pm in Van Es 102 (the conference room)
  • meetings are used to discuss volunteering, activities, events, and of course, micro/biotech topics
  • annual dues are $5, which helps to provide snacks for every meeting and to fund a spring trip
  • to become a member, you can contact Bridget Eklund (
  • find us on Facebook

Board Members

  • President: Bridget Eklund
  • Vice President: Sara Bowman
  • Secretary: Abbey Steckler
  • Congress of Student Organizations (CSO) Rep: Rhiannon Dockter
  • Faculty Advisor: Rachel Richman