Ag Awards

NDSU Microbiology
by NDSU Microbiology

Senior Lecturer, Rachel Richman, won the H. Roald and Janet Lund Excellence in Teaching Award at yesterday's annual College of Ag faculty and staff awards ceremony. The nominating committee noted that "students say her ability to engage them and make what they are learning relevant to their everyday life has made Microbiology one of the best programs on campus."

Way to go, Rachel!

Other VMS nominees were as follows:

Dr. Teresa Bergholz for the Larson/Yaggie Excellence in Research Award

Dr. John McEvoy for the Eugene R. Dahl Excellence in Research Award

Janice Haggart for the William J. and Angelyn A. Austin Excellence in Advising Award

Julie Sherwood for the Charles and Linda Moses Staff Award

Jerie Little for the Donald and Jo Anderson Staff Award

Jessica Ebert for the Earl and Dorothy Foster Excellence in Teaching Award

Congratulations to all the nominees!