Dr. Bergholz wins teaching award

NDSU Microbiology
by NDSU Microbiology

Dr. Teresa Bergholz has won the 2015 Earl and Dorothy Foster Excellence in Teach Award. This annual award recognizes outstanding early-career teaching faculty in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources.

Dr. Bergholz, who joined VMS in 2012, teaches General Microbiology II Lab (MICR 352L), Food Microbiology (MICR 453/653), and Advanced Food Microbiology (MICR 752). She was recognized for developing challenging and rigorous material for these courses and making it accessible to students using innovative teaching methodologies.

Here is what students have been saying about Dr. Bergholz:

Her teaching methods are effective as she makes food microbiology interesting and applicable to the average person’s life.

She consistently challenged her students to use critical thinking skills in analyzing lab results, learning the concepts behind lab techniques, and troubleshooting laboratory protocols.

Dr. Bergholz made the content easy to understand and had very effective lecture notes. She also made it easy to ask questions in class.

Congratulations Dr. Bergholz!

Congratulations also to Dr. Shelley Horne who was nominated for the 2015 Charles and Linda Moses Staff Award.