Matt Bains: 2016 NDSU 3MT Champion

NDSU Microbiology
by NDSU Microbiology

Congratulations to Matt (Manpreet) Bains on winning the 2016 NDSU 3MT competition for his talk entitled, ‘Modulatory effects of neural proteins on your microbiome.

The 3MT competition challenges graduate students to effectively explain their research to a broad audience in 3 minutes. This was the second annual NDSU 3MT competition.

Matt said, "Most people probably aren't too familiar with what the microbiome is and the role it plays within our body. The microbiome is the community of bacteria that live on and inside us. These bacteria play an essential role in our everyday lives. They help us breakdown food that we cannot breakdown ourselves. They also help keep dangerous pathogenic bacteria from finding a foothold in our body. My work set out to find what effect the loss of a neural protein would have on the microbiome. We used mice that had this protein silenced and compared them to normal mice. What we discovered was something absolutely amazing. We found that there was a drastic change in the microbial composition of these mice. This shows us that the state of our nervous system can have an impact on the microbial community that surrounds us."

Listen to Matt talking about his 3MT win on KFGO

Matt is in the Molecular Pathogenesis PhD Program. His advisor is Dr. Dorsam.