Our First Pancake

Jessica Ebert
by Jessica Ebert

I watched this movie a few weeks ago, and I honestly can’t remember anything about it – not its name, plot, story, characters – nothing, except this one line: “It’s because I’m a Gemini. I’m restless.”

I don’t know anything about astrology. (I actually used to think it was called cosmetology and that cosmetology was cosmology and cosmology was astronomy and astronomy was simply stargazing. But that’s a different story.) But I know enough about horoscopes to know that I’m a Gemini, and when I heard that line, my life became the tiniest bit more golden. I don’t have adult ADD. I was born this way. It was written in the stars! I’m one of the restless ones!

I felt – somehow – vindicated or validated or one of those really good “v” words because it explained a lot. It probably fuels my greatest fear, which is that I’ll live my life as a person who can only appreciate art – never create it.

It’s this fear – and apparently my Gemininess – that makes me desperately collect artistic hobbies: knitting lopsided and ill-fitting scarves because, did you know, knitting is a fiber art (or that there was such a thing as the fiber arts)?; doodling because I’ve always wanted to be a Google Doodler. (I can’t actually draw anything,
except a rockin’ palm tree, so I doodle lines and dots and geometric shapes because so much modern art looks like my high-school math homework.); and now, my current artistic whim: making movies.

I’m trained as a science writer, but I occasionally attempt to write fiction. I’ve written a bunch of screenplays, but I’ve never produced one myself. So, along with my sister, who is an actual actor and director (she has an IMDB page and everything), we made this 2-minute short.

It’s something of a mockumentary about grad student confessions (hence the confessional nature of this blog entry). It stars the coolest, most game, most fun grad students in the history of higher education, so when you see them around the building, give ‘em a high-five because they’re awesome. Awesome!

It also stars a hero of mine, but I won’t ruin the surprise. I will, however, give you a hint…He’s known for many wonderful things, including this quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Overall, the process was Fun. Exhausting. Frustrating. Inspiring. Instructive. We learned a lot, namely that filmmaking – especially the technical elements of filmmaking – is really, really hard and that we can’t wait to make our next one.

For now, however, here’s our first pancake. Enjoy! Be kind!

Forgive Me, Einstein from christy on Vimeo.