Spring Speakers

NDSU Microbiology
by NDSU Microbiology

The VMS Spring Seminar series is scheduled for Thursdays at 11am in Van Es 101.

Invited speakers, include:

  • Feb. 27 - Dr. David Bradley, Professor, UND

The Bradley lab has two main foci: (1) understanding the immunogenetic and immunopathogenic events in an autoimmune disease called relapsing polychondritis and (2) elucidating the role of microbial agents in the susceptibility/resistance to the onset of arthritis

  • Mar. 13 - Dr. Brad Marks, Professor, Michigan State University

Dr. Marks's lab researchers food safety engineering to develop improved methods for designing and operating processing systems

  • April 17 - Dr. Maria Brandl, Lead Scientist, Produce Safety and Microbiology Research Unit, USDA-ARS
  • April 24 - Dr. Amali Samarasinghe, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • May 1 - Dr. Charlene Wolf-Hall, VMS

Graduate-student speakers, include:

  • Priyankar Samanta, March 6
  • Breanne Steffan, March 27
  • Karl Effertz, April 3
  • Osama Mahdi, April 10