Trivia Winners

NDSU Microbiology
by NDSU Microbiology

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 1st Annual Micro Trivia Challenge. All sorts of fun was had by undergrads, grad students, staff, and faculty alike! About 30 people participated in the challenge and, in keeping with the micro theme, first place winners were awarded a nearly microscopic trophy. Top place finishers in each category were as follows:


  • 1st place, Tanner Rothstein and Liz Schultz (Pictured left)
  • 2nd place, Mason Lynk
  • 3rd place, Mady Arneson and Katie Houdek

Grad Students

  • 1st place, Brianna Schneck
  • 2nd place, Ruchi Joshi
  • 3rd place, Laura Nessa


  • 1st place, Shelley Horne
  • 2nd place, Dawn Doetkott


  • 1st place, Birgit Pruess
  • 2nd place, Teresa Bergholz