VMS Pride April 25

NDSU Microbiology
by NDSU Microbiology
  • VMS Research Specialist, Dawn Doetkott, will be welcomed into the NDSU Quarter Century Club at a May 5 banquet. Celebration details here.
  • Senior Lecturer, Rachel Richman, was nominated for the Gunkelman Award, which recognizes NDSU employees or students who create a happy environment for everyone here.
  • Graduate student, Laura Nessa, successfully defended her M.S. disquisition.
  • Senior Undergrads, Liz Schulz and Erika Wehmhoff, gave an awesome presentation of their Senior Honors project: "Bacterial Populations on Campus and the Changing of the Seasons." Pics to come.
  • Graduate students, Hilary Hafner and Meredith Irsfeld, participated in the 35th Annual Expanding Your Horizons event, which provides hands-on activities for girls in grades 7-9 who are interested in STEM careers.
  • Undergrad students in Janice Haggart's MICR 450L Infectious Disease Lab participated in the Big Event on Thursday, April 24th. Pics to come.